How to Combine EFT with a Meditation Mantra for TraumaEFT-for-PTSD-book-by-Dawson-church

By M. Schraders

I work with quite a few traumatized clients and can’t imagine working in this field and not using EFT so today I want to share my EFT Meditation Mantra. This is something I have found incredibly effective. It is yet another way EFT can be used for self-soothing as well as lifting the spirit. In a mantra meditation, you repeat a particular sound or short phrase over and over.

Sometimes clients hit a place of despair, feeling completely stuck, or trapped, and having severe anxiety. After several rounds specifically on whatever the feeling is, I suggest the following EFT Meditation Mantra (which I do with them in the session and suggest they work with at home).

You tap:

Karate Chop (just once): Even though I feel anxious, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Top of Head: I am held in Spirit’s Light

Eyebrow: And I trust

Side of Eye: The Universal Love and Light

Under Eye: Flows through me

Under Nose: Healing me and comforting me.

Then continue on going around using the same phrases over and over.

Chin: I am held in Spirit’s Light

Collarbone: And I trust

Under Arm: The Universal Love and Light.

Top of Head: Flows through me

I tell my clients to substitute any of the words that aren't right for them to make a more effective phrase for themselves. For instance, for some people use: Universe, Universal Spirt, God, Jesus, etc. over Spirit.

Healing and comforting can be replaced by a whole range of words such as balancing and grounding, supporting and calming, etc.

This works for me when I have times when I’m struggling, but also when I’m at the end of the day unwinding before I go to sleep. I find that after the first couple of times of going through the process, I slow down to the point where I say the whole phrase at each point, slowly and meaningfully.

After that (and this is especially good when lying down in bed), I do the imaginary tapping, saying this phrase in my mind. In a relatively short time I feel like I have been meditating for hours.

If I do this just before going to sleep I drift off very peacefully and have a great nights sleep.


0 #1 Rick 2015-01-20 14:53
Thank you for giving hope to people who often feel chronically hopeless.

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