EFT Tapping for Future Potential Problems

Dear EFT Community,

Mair Llewellyn-Edwards from the UK shares a story about EFT tapping on possible future events that might be an issue.

-Will M

By Mair Llewellyn-Edwards

Following a brief introduction to EFT, one of the participants at the Malaysia conference unquestioningly decided to use the Basic Recipe on a possible future problem. As you will see, she used Pat Carrington's Choices Method with a slightly different approach.

On the second day of the conference, participants were asked to share how they were using EFT and one therapist said, “Last night I tried tapping on a future possible problem and a desired outcome with surprising results. As I tapped, I said something similar to the following: 'I don’t think I will manage to be up early enough in the morning to get breakfast as I am late to bed, but I would like to be, and I also want to visit my mum.'"

That morning she said she awoke early, full of energy, and prepared a beautiful leisurely breakfast for family and guests as well as visiting her mother. The family and guests were very surprised because she had already given instructions for them to help themselves to their breakfast, the children could not believe it either because "Mum’s not like that." The therapist was very excited because she felt so good from feeling energized by the tapping.

It was tempting to gently say maybe EFT isn’t used for things like that, but we didn’t. The very naturalness with which EFT was received and used is probably a reflection of their Eastern philosophy.

Since returning to the UK, I have been experimenting along similar lines myself, as have friends and some of my colleagues. We have had fascinating results. Here is one excellent example:

This came from “Anne” one of my friends who has been going through a bad time with depression. She had been making little headway using EFT persistently on many personal traumas and numerous aspects of her depression. So she decided she  could not lose anything by using EFT in this unconventional way.

Anne’s worst time, as with many people who experience depression, was first thing in the morning.

As an experiment, Anne decided to use EFT just before going to sleep and so for two nights she tapped on:

“Even though I don’t know how I will wake feeling clearer in my mind, that is what I would love to feel.”

On the third night she tapped on:

“Even though in the last 6months I haven’t experienced good feelings on waking, my mind knows how this feels, and I really want this feeling."

The next day she described her waking thoughts as if the depressing clouds had begun to part. On looking back on the three evenings of tapping, she recalled that there was more emotional connection the third evening with the second part of the second statement, “my mind knows how this feels, and I really want this feeling.” Following that major shift in consciousness, she has begun to tap through the day on words of appreciation and gratitude on what is happening. 

It is difficult to make logical sense as to why these processes work. Saying an affirmation type statement whilst tapping could minimize resistance. Or maybe it bypasses the logical critical mind. Perhaps with further time and study the answer to these questions will come.

Following her improvements, Anne felt gratitude coming to her quite naturally. When her 0-10 intensity levels go down in using traditional EFT, she thanks her mind for this movement. 

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