EFT Tapping with Invisible Counselor Technique for Undisclosed IssuesEFT HST Front

By Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy, Certified EFT Practitioner

This case illustrates how the Invisible Counselor technique used with EFT tapping can be effective in helping clients who would rather not reveal their problem.

In this case, the client came to the session wanting to address an ongoing issue that had been causing her stress. She wanted to know, however, if we could proceed without her sharing any details. The only information she provided after a few questions was that she was feeling stressed about an ongoing problem and she rated her intensity as an 8. She felt her stress in her chest and heart area.

We started with Basic EFT using general Setup Statements including:

Even though I have this ongoing issue, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I feel anxious about this issue, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

In addition, the client repeated several of her own Reminder Phrases during the tapping rounds including: this stress, feeling anxious all of the time, don’t want to feel this way, I can’t help it, I think about it a lot, it affects my work, it is always there, I can’t concentrate, and I feel it in my heart and chest.

After a few rounds of tapping, I decided to use the Invisible Counselor technique since her SUD level was still a 4. During this guided meditation, I told the client to imagine going to her favorite spot where she felt completely safe and at peace.The client found herself in her bedroom. She recalled smelling her favorite perfume and enjoyed being in her safe space. Then I asked her to notice someone coming toward her and explained to her that this was her Invisible Counselor, a being who loved her very much and was here to offer her protection and guidance. After a couple of moments, the client shared that her brother was her Invisible Counselor and she could feel the deep love that he had for her.

Next, I asked her to pull her problems out in front of her and to hold them in her hands where she could see them. She shared that her problems looked like dark strands that felt sticky and heavy. Then I asked her to turn toward her Invisible Counselor to accept a gift he had waiting for her. I then asked her to show the gift to her problems and to tell her problems that this gift was from her Invisible Counselor and that it represented love, protection, and guidance.

When I asked her how her problems changed when she showed them the gift, she said the strands became lighter in color and less dense in weight. She also recalled focusing more on the gold nugget than on her problems.

After a couple of moments, I asked her to thank her Invisible Counselor and suggested she put the gift away somewhere, perhaps in her body, for safekeeping so that she could take it out and use it whenever she needed to. After thanking her brother, she put the piece of gold in her heart.

After guiding the client back to the present, I asked her to tune in to the problem again and to rate her level of intensity for feeling stressed. She tuned in to her issue and said she felt at peace and rated her SUD level a 0. She said suddenly her problem now seemed insignificant and not worth worrying about.

The fact that the client’s progress improved after using the Invisible Counselor technique illustrates that it can be an effective strategy for clients who prefer not to disclose their presenting issue.

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