EFT Training: The Lesson is Always Love

Jenny Johnston

By Jenny Johnston, EFT Universe Trainer

Why are we here? What is my purpose? Who am I really? These are the fundamental questions that we humans are asking and in search of.

The lessons that our human selves go through can be very challenging and have lasting physical, emotional and mental effects on us. But when we connect with our spirituality and higher-self perspectives, all our experiences can make perfect sense.

The physical body can, however, have cellular and subconscious, energetic blocks to us being able to focus on and tune in to the spirituality and higher self.

When we use the combination of energetic techniques such as EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting, we are able to release these emotional/physical blocks and allow a purer connection with our spirituality, our heart center and feel ‘connected’ with who we really are.

Love is the central emotion that we are often feeling disconnected from and why we feel ‘traumatized’ and we feel it energetically, emotionally and physically.

I am continually surprised at the physical affects and shifts that occur when the blocks and ‘traumas’ around love are dissolved and transformed and re-imprinted into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

One such case that ‘surprised’ even me, was of a student who came to one of my recent EFT Universe Level 1 & 2 Workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Carrie (not her real name) is happy for me to discuss her case.

Carrie, aged 58, came after suffering 4 years of severe Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure. She had had laser surgery on her heart and had a Pacemaker/Defibrillator implant and was taking 10mg daily of one heart medication and 2.5 of another.

She would tire very easily and had great trouble concentrating.

She wasn’t sure how she would manage 2 days straight in an EFT Workshop.

During the workshop, she was triggered often and issues came up about her mother and her childhood and her lack of receiving love and even an unconscious memory of her mother attempting to drown her at age 6, which had been verified by a family member. Many issues were cleared for her personally in those first 2 days of EFT L1 (she was a constant volunteer for the demonstrations).

At the end of the day, she felt more energized than she had felt for years and instead of staying overnight nearby with a friend, she felt well enough to drive an hour home. She arrived the next day looking fresh and exclaimed that she had had the best sleep for years.

The second day, she cleared and dissolved more issues, again around not receiving love and the world being unsafe and she looked even more vibrant by the end of the day.

I asked her to make sure she had a check up with her cardiologist ASAP as major shifts had occurred for her emotionally and I suspected, physically as well. She did so and her cardiologist promptly reduced her medication by half.

Similar shifts and releases occurred over the 2 days of EFT L2 Workshop – the layers were being peeled away and Carrie was glowing, happy and energetic. She was feeling more connected to love and connected to all and able to receive love too. She looked years younger and was able to feel excited about her future and plan and feel passionate and hopeful again.

A few weeks later, Carrie emailed me and said that over the weekend, she had been taken by MICA Paramedics to the hospital as she had collapsed. When her heart was tested in emergency, they asked her why she was taking the dose of heart medication that she was as her heart was strong. (She had collapsed because she was taking too much medication for a well heart).

They immediately reduced her heart medication level by half again and asked her to see her cardiologist ASAP.

She did as she was told and now has been told that her heart is within the lower end of the normal range but as heart medication cannot be reduced quickly, she is now taking only 2.5 mg every second day for safety.

Carrie’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state now is so different to the person who walked into my EFT L1 Workshop.

She will be an excellent EFT Practitioner who is ‘paying forward’ the gift that she has received – full self-awareness and the ability to now be able to accept love and give it away freely.

The lesson is always about love.

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