Good reasons for using an EFT Practitioner

Even though EFT can often be self applied with impressive results, there are times when a skilled EFT therapist can be essential. Jasmina Kovacev gives us a useful checklist in this regard.

By Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, EFT CC-Adv


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EFT's simplicity can at times make people underestimate their issue or overestimate their skills and knowledge.  Your piano metaphor is something that I often use – good piano is always the same. What makes difference is the pianist who is either beginner, average player or master pianist. After numerous EFT Introductory evenings I started introducing a small section that can help people realize why they might need EFT practitioner. The latest addition to the list is the wisdom that I learned at your latest Master’s Boot Camp Training about seeing the beauty in client ... It is so powerful.

EFT is a great self help tool for simple issues and some simpler complex issues. It is important not to blame EFT as a therapy if you did not get results. More likely it is level of your skills and experience that are stopping you. There is a good chance that an experienced EFT practitioner can help you. The good ones have a success rate 80-90% or better.

You might know the tapping points, but EFT is much more than tapping points.

If you want to be more proficient you can always attend workshops or watch Book trainings and learn how to apply it properly. Saying that, you might be well trained and experienced in EFT and still get stuck when you work on yourself.

Here is the list of why you may need an EFT practitioner:

1. User’s ability to tune into the problem is the most important factor for the success. The 'art of delivery' of the EFT practitioner is in asking questions that lead to the core emotional issues and experienced therapists have appropriate training to be able to achieve this.

2. Therapists also know extra tapping points and techniques to help in more difficult cases.

3. In cases of overwhelming emotions like severe trauma and abuse, it is advisable to work with experienced EFT therapist who can use gentle approaching techniques as well as other skills.

4. Therapists can see issues from the different perspective/angle. That is the reason why even experienced practitioners work with each other from time to time.

5. It is very healing when someone else sees the beauty in you that you can not see from where you are.

6. Combining the energy and intention of two people that are sharing the single purpose (therapies and client) has more powerful effect.

7. Sometimes just the fact that therapist is tapping on you can make a difference.

8. At the end, you might not be interested to learn more about EFT, but want help from someone who is experienced and trained sufficiently to be able to help you.

Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, EFT CC-Adv

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