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EFT practitioner, author, speaker, trainer, and coach, Paul Cutright, discusses presenting EFT effectively to large groups. He shares a story about a recent event where he demonstrates EFT with 800 people.


By Paul Cutright

I recently presented EFT to a group of 800 people in Vancouver, BC, who had gathered for a weekend event called "Wealth and Wisdom." My wife, Layne, and I were there as presenters to do a 4-hour workshop on relationships. I also convinced the promoter of the event, who is a friend of mine, to let me have a couple of hours to present EFT.

Rather than bring up a group of people to demonstrate on stage, I decided to have the entire group tap at once.

I framed it for them, as I usually do, as an experiment and invited them to join me in participating so that we could experience the results together. I encouraged them to approach it with an attitude of curiosity and to be willing to let go of their need to understand what would be happening. I explained that their belief in the process was completely unnecessary, that it was like gravity or electricity, which work whether you believe in them or not.

I told them that with most traditional therapies and healing interventions, a 20% to 30% success rate would be considered good. By a show of hands, many therapists in the audience agreed with me. I then pointed out that if we got 30% or even 40% success, that we would see about 250 to 300 hands in the air, or just under half of the room.

I also told them several stories about the success of EFT to illustrate its broad usefulness and described the procedure to them, making sure they knew where the points were on their bodies. I had them think of the issue they wanted to focus on and to bring the intensity level (on a 0-to-10 scale) as high as they could. I suggested that whatever they chose, the intensity level should be at least a 5 when they thought about it and they should write down their number on a piece of paper. I also let them know that they could still experience benefits even if their intensity level was below a 5; it just might not be as obvious.

Then I led them through the entire procedure for the EFT Full Basic Recipe: Setup, Sequence, 9 Gamut, Sequence.

For the Setup, I gave them the structure of the statement and told them to fill in their part, e.g.,

"Even though I have this (fill in your issue), I deeply and completely accept myself."

I had them repeat it after me while we did the Setup Statement three times.

When we were through, I asked everyone to close their eyes and to tune in to their issue just as they had when we started. In the spirit of our experiment, I asked them to simply notice what they observed and how they felt. Then I asked them to remember the number they had written down in the beginning and to look and see if it had changed. I asked them to write the new number next to their first number. I also told them that their number—whatever it was—was just fine, even if it was the same or had gone up.

This was just an experiment and we just wanted to notice the results without judging them.

Next, I said that in a moment I was going to ask anyone whose number went down to raise their hand high in the air, reminding them about our benchmark of 250 to 300 hands as our measure of success. Then I asked for a show of hands from anyone whose number had diminished. It looked like the entire group raised their hands at once!

Clearly, we had a 90+% success rate with this experiment, which they could all see as they looked around.

Then I asked if anyone would like to share what they experienced. I told them that no one needed to share the specifics of their issue if they didn't want to. They could just say their beginning and ending number. And, they could share as much of their experience as they felt comfortable with. I also encouraged anyone whose number had remained the same or had gone up to share because, in the context of our experiment, we could learn from everyone's experience.

As you might expect, there were a number of people who had gone from a SUD Level of Intensity of 10 out of 10 to a 0 out of 10 and were completely amazed. Most people had significant reduction of their intensity. Some people were crying and others were laughing and still others were speechless. Some shared about the issue they had addressed and what happened to them and others just shared the change in their number.

Most all of them seemed amazed. No one shared whose number remained the same or went up.

It was a wonderful experience for me to have shared EFT with so many people at once and to see the rush of arms and hands flying into the air! I encourage any of you who may have the opportunity to present EFT to a group to do so and to not limit yourself by the size of the group.

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