How to Tell When You Are Finished EFT Tapping on an IssueEFT Manual by Dawson Church

Dear EFT Community,

Dr. Grant McFetridge shares his methods for determining whether healing is possible with EFT and how to tell when you are finished tapping on an issue.


By Dr. Grant McFetridge

1. How to determine if healing can be accomplished:

Especially in the case of an issue that seems to contain an appropriate and reasonable response, given the circumstances, you can quickly test to see if old trauma is actually driving you or your client by asking if you feel calm, peaceful, and light when you think about the issue. If you don't, you know it is from the past and can potentially be healed.

Knowing this is particularly useful in interpersonal situations.

Obviously, most people would respond that they rarely feel calm, peace, and light, which actually is a measure of how much their past traumas are continuously driving them. For example, one client had a painful and terminal gut cancer and wanted to heal his fear of dying. Applying the test showed his fear could be healed, and we proceeded to do so.

Another odd use for this principle is around feelings we consider positive. If the client doesn't also feel calm, peace, and light at the same time as those positive emotions, then you know that old trauma is being activated.

2. How to know when the healing is finished:

In the same way, a client has finished healing any given issue or trauma when he has an experience of calm, peace, and lightness when he thinks about it. This can be particularly important to know in cases when peeling back the emotional layers brings us to a feeling that we consider "good," such as joy.

If the client doesn't also feel calm, peace, and light with the feeling, be it positive or negative, then you can be sure it is from a past trauma that is still unhealed.

One caveat: Any given issue might have other layers associated with it that have not been triggered, leaving the client feeling calm, peace, and light on the current cause but with other aspects or earlier trauma still lying in wait.

Incidentally, some of your clients may report that they feel calm, peace, and heavy. This is actually repression at work, and more healing is required.

3. Why is this feeling of calm, peace, and lightness significant?

It turns out that when a person is totally in the present, they have an underlying feeling of calm, peace, and lightness even when they are experiencing feelings. For most people, being in the present is quite uncommon. However, when we eliminate past issues, the client typically enters into the present for seconds to hours. In very rare people, this state of consciousness is relatively permanent.

Incidentally, there is no need to test in the case of physical problems. They can be healed. It's a question of using strong enough tools, some of which still need to be invented, unfortunately.