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Is a Psychological Reversal Keeping You From EFT Success?

Is a Psychological Reversal Keeping You From EFT Success?

By Leslie Anne 

In using EFT on myself, I have had to develop ways to get around my own Psychological Reversals. The term Psychological Reversal is taken from energy therapies. It refers to the concept that when your energies are blocked or reversed, you develop symptoms. The way Psychological Reversals show up in EFT is as a failure to make progress in resolving the problem (Source: The EFT Manual by Dawson Church).

This particular time, I was trying to reduce my feelings of guilt, despair, bitterness, and depression, which seemed to appear during full moons. I was crying a lot, but I could not seem to resolve my negative emotions with tapping, for whatever reason.

One afternoon, I just happened to remember a great movie animation about neuropeptides. I decided to stop addressing my negative emotions from the perceptual level and address them instead at the biochemical level as an idea that my cells had an addiction to the neuropeptides of my negative emotions.

I started tapping:

Even though my cells are addicted to negativity and the neuropeptides that accompany it, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive every single cell in my body, my blood, my nerves, my heart, and every part of my brain that is involved in this addiction.

Even though my cells are covered with receptors for the neuropeptides of negativity, I deeply and completely forgive my cells and I ask them to disable those receptors and to create new ones for the neuropeptides of joy and peace.

Even though my brain has the habit of producing the neuropeptides of misery whenever my thoughts go there, I deeply and completely forgive every part of my brain for following such orders and I now issue the order to produce new neuropeptides of joy and peace.

The first time I used this approach, I did not experience a dramatic shift, as I had hoped, but I did feel better. I felt like I had, at least, done something constructive to address my negative feelings. However, after some weeks had passed, I began to notice that my full moon funks were not as bad as they had been in the past. Even my friends began noticing that my overall energy seemed to be changing for the better and I wasn’t as moody.

Then one day several months into tapping on my emotions, especially during full moons, I relapsed into a terrible emotional state and I found myself returning to old feelings of bitterness, suspicion, jealousy, and helplessness. I still tapped, and within a few rounds of tapping, the negative feelings dissipated.

My EFT Setup Statements were aimed at my emotions in the moment:

Even though I have all these horrible feelings, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This time, I could feel the cognitive shift, which allowed me to look at the situation I was upset about and think, “Maybe it’s not true and it’s not really how I should see it.” Which it was. I was wrong. But this time, thanks to EFT tapping, I did not react from that negative space as I have done in the past. I saw that my emotions were not based in fact.

I will admit that I haven’t found the root cause as to why full moons have tended to trigger negative emotions. I cannot remember a particular childhood event that stands out during a full moon, but I continue to tap knowing that at any given point I could have my very own “aha” moment. Meanwhile, the full moon negative emotional states have not reappeared.