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EFT’s Golden Gate Technique: Bridge to Where You Want to Be

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By Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master

We have had so many individual breakthroughs and miracles using EFT, personally and professionally, and share some of them here in an assignment we were given as a small group in our Level 3 training. Our task was to write about a way we had learned to use EFT during our journey toward becoming effective practitioners.  We decided to offer an actual case experienced by one of our team members, using the “Golden Gate Technique” (GGT). EFT practitioners Lindsay Kenny and Zoe Walton, LAc, developed this simple, yet very effective method.

We first learned how to use the GGT in our Level 2 workshop, but realize even a newcomer to EFT can use it easily. It was named the Golden Gate because, as with the bridge so many of us know, there are three distinct sections within the overall structure. And, of course, bridging the gap from dis-ease to health is what we are all interested in!

The GGT offers an excellent way to transport people from where they are (their negative emotion or physical discomfort) to where they want to be (enjoying emotional health and physical well-being.) It offers an adept use of intuition for refining the Art of EFT.

Golden Gate Technique

There are two attributes to notice as you read through an explanation of this process, first, that it sequences the EFT session into three distinct segments (the Golden Gate Bridge is in three segments).

  • The 1st round of tapping is when the emotional intensity level is between 10 and 8.
  • The 2nd round’s wording is used when the intensity level is between a 7 and 4.
  • The 3rd round is used when the intensity is between a 3 and 1.

The second attribute is that the phrasing of the EFT rounds is distinct to each intensity level range. Please pay attention to the wording in each of these sections.

To help make this clear, we offer one of Martha’s clients who had been diagnosed with cancer last year and found out four months ago it had metastasized into her coccyx and lung. “Sam” had radiation treatments previously and was facing it again when she came in for a session. Martha determined this was a perfect opportunity to apply the Golden Gate Technique. (Sam had had sessions with Martha three times a week over a period of three months to date.)  Most of the language that follows is from Martha’s session, some from our other work with cancer-carrying clients.

First segment of the Bridge (this is where most of the focus is on the negative, when the intensity is 8-10):

  • Choose a Setup Statement (“Even though I have this _______”)
  • Assign an intensity/charge rating. Do a reversal neutralization (on the side of the hand point, “Even though I DON’T want to get over this problem….”).
  • 1st round: Do the sequence using a NEGATIVE statement at each point (“this anger at my brother”)
  • 2nd round: Use a “stream of consciousness venting” at each point, giving voice to the thoughts normally running through your head about an issue, e.g., “I can’t believe he betrayed me,” “I’ve been so good to him,” “How could he do that to me?” “It’s so unfair,” etc.
  • 3rd round: Say “remaining _____“ (anger, or whatever) until intensity is below an 8.


Martha: Because you are going to have chemo next week, how do you feel?

Sam: I am afraid; I don’t want to feel sick, I’ve been through it before!

Sam’s intensity level is at a 10. (She is able to guage that herself in response to the simple question from the practitioner: “What intensity level do you think your fear is, with a 10 being off of the charts for you and a 0 being that there is no “charge.”)

Martha assumed a reversal because Sam’s cancer had metastasized. So she told Sam to tap on her side of the hand point and say a Reversal Statement three times:

  • “Even though I don’t think this chemo will work.  I’ve had it before and now I have it again. I feel like the cancer is all over my body and I can’t imagine being free of it, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • “Even though for whatever reason, I don’t want to let go of this cancer, I still deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • “Even though I have cancer again and a part of me is afraid to let it go, I still love and accept myself and where I am on my path.”

This cleared the reversal, so the first rounds of tapping follow:

Martha: “We have to prepare your body and your mind for the chemo.”  (Setup Statement) At side of the hand point or on sore spots on chest, practitioner leads, and client repeats:

  • “Even though I know I am going to feel sick having chemo next week, I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • “Even though I am afraid to do chemo because I’ve done it before and the doctor told me this will be worse, I deeply love and accept myself.
  • “Even though I am going to chemo next week and I am very scared and I don’t want to go through all of this stuff again, I don’t want to lose my hair, I don’t want to be sick in bed, I love and accept where I am today.”

1st round:

EB – eyebrow point “fear of this chemo”

SE – “this chemo”

UE – “this fear of chemo”

UN – “this chemo”

CH -“this fear of chemo and of being sick”

CB – “this chemo”

UA – “this fear of chemo”

LP (Liver point, about 2-3 inches under the nipples or breast) – “this chemo”

WR (Wrists, on the inside of the wrist where the hand joins the arm) – “this fear of chemo”

CRH – “fear of the chemo”

2nd round: a flow of consciousness about the chemo (these phrases were chosen from notes taken while client was expressing her fears at the beginning of the session):

EB – “I’m afraid of having chemo”

SE – “This chemo’s going to make me sick”

UE – “What if it doesn’t work”

UN – “This chemo will make my hair fall out”

CH – “I’ll have to stay in bed”

CB – “Who will take care of my children?!”

UA – “ I’ve been through this before”

LP — “I won’t be able to work”

WR – “ This’ll be worse than last time

CRH – “I am so afraid of this chemo”

3rd round: Repeat the same or similar phrase at each tapping point: “remaining fear & worries about chemo”

The second Setup Statement is where the bridge analogy clicks in. The first two to three rounds of tapping should have reduced the intensity level to an 8 or below. When you are below an 8, or even right at it, you can then transition to the second “Segment of the Bridge.” By simply adding the phrase “I want to…” you’re introducing your desire to let go of your fear, problem, or pain. So while acknowledging the part of you that’s still hanging on to the issue (by repeating the negative), you also acknowledge the part of you that wants to let go of the problem. Again, it’s best to introduce the “I want to…” bridge phrasing when your intensity is between a 7 and 4.

Martha asked Sam to reassess her intensity level on her fears, which was now at a 6.

Setup: “Even though I still have a lot of fear about getting chemo, I want to start letting that go, and I love and accept myself completely.” (Do a rendition of this three times.)

1st round: Do one whole round saying the same phrase at each point “Remaining fear about chemo.”

2nd round (this round alternates positive and negative statements, allowing the internal conflict to have a voice):

EB – “Remaining fears and worries about chemo”

SE – “I want to let go of these chemo fears”

UE – “I’m afraid of dying”

UN – “I want to live!”

UM – “I don’t believe the chemo will help me”

CB- “I want to let go of these fears”

UA – “What if it doesn’t?”

LP — “I know it will work”

WR – “But I still afraid”

CRH – “These fears aren’t helping and I need to put them behind me.”

In this case, as in others, an additional round flowed from the first, so Martha continued with phrases at each point such as:

EB –  I’m tired of dragging around these fears”

SE – “I want to let them go”

UE – “Remaining fear and worries about chemo”

UN – “I’m ready to let them go”

CH – “I’m still afraid I won’t get well”

CB – “I want to eliminate these fears”

UA – “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

LP – “I’m ready to get over this anxiety”

WR – “I can let do this!”

CRH – “ I forgive myself for having this cancer”

Third Segment of the Bridge: final resolution, focuses on positive choices, intensity 3 or less

Martha reassessed Sam’s intensity level to be at a 2 (by asking Sam directly). Setup Statement: “Even though there’s still some fear about the chemo, I now choose to let it go” (3 times).

1st round: Do one whole round on the remaining negative issue; at each point, say, “remaining fears and worries”

2nd round, in this case Sam responded positively, her face lighting up as she tapped to the following phrases:

EB – “I choose to ask my body to heal itself”

SE – “I choose to be whole and healthy”

UE – “I choose to be the picture of perfect health”

UN – “I can easily handle this chemo”

CH – “Chemo will help me to get rid of this cancer”

CB – “I choose to see chemo as my ally”

UA –  “I choose to forgive myself and any others who contributed to this cancer..”

LP – “I love knowing that I am feeling better”

WR – “I choose to be fearless about the chemo, knowing that it’s helping me.

CRH – “I choose vibrant health now”

3rd round: alternate negative statements with positive ones:

EB – “Remaining fear”

SE – “I choose to let it go now”

UE – “Remaining fear”

UN – “I choose to be fearless”

CH – “Remaining worries”

CB – “I choose to eliminate them”

UA – “Any remaining fear, concerns or worry”

LP – “I choose to be confident, positive and fearless

WR – “Any remaining concerns

CRH – “I choose health, wellness and gratitude

Sam’s intensity level was now at a 0. We know that because Martha asked Sam to try to be afraid or upset about the chemo and she was unable to do that. (If her intensity had gone up, she would have used the 9 Gamut Procedure or done some additional rounds.)

Martha didn’t stop there, however. She continued with a Bonus round (this is part of the art of EFT). We learned that positive “Empowerment Statements” help leave the client not only with the absence of the negative emotion or problem, but also with a wonderful sense of well-being and confidence!

EB – “My body is strong”

SE – “I am going to be okay”

UE – “My body is responding great to the chemo”

UN – “The chemo only goes to the cells that are sick”

CH – “My hair stays thick and gorgeous”

CB – “My body is strong and resilient”

UA – “I thank my body for easily handling this”

LP – “I am grateful that I am healthier every day”

WR – ”I am courageous in accepting that chemo is a part of my healing”

CRH – “I love feeling so confident, certain, and great!”

Martha reports that Sam had chemo four days after the above session. The third day after chemo, when Sam was “supposed to be” in bed sick, she came to see Martha instead. Sam was not sick, indeed, the only thing she was noticing was some tingling in her face! They quickly tapped that physical sensation to a 0. Martha told us “Sam was expecting worse and no bad side effects happened. She was so happy and called me her guardian angel!”

Summary: Our experience with the Golden Gate Technique–as in Martha’s session with Sam and those we have had with other clients–is that its structure allows us to take our clients through a gentle progression from even the deepest negative state (emotional or physical) to a positive and empowered outcome. One miracle of EFT is that it can bring a client’s distress to a 0 by addressing the fear (or issue) while reframing the positive, desirable outcome. The miracle in GGT is that it brings a client to a heightened awareness, to an embodied experience of their healing and being in control. They feel their healing rather than the simple absence of distress or suffering.

The EFT Level 3 graduates who created this article:

Kate Black, healer, EFT practitioner, visionary, author

Martha Bohorquez, EFT and energy practitioner, Reiki master, (se habla espanol)

Jordan Hunter, EFT practitioner

Norma Mundell, speech pathologist, EFT practitioner, language comprehension and expression