Meta Tapping

Dear Readers,

This idea from Rob Nelson incorporates the intellectual understanding of how tapping works into the tapping itself; try it on the hyper-intellectual in your life. Visit Rob's website.

-David MacKay

by Rob Nelson, Cert-1

After reading The Genie In Your Genes by Dawson Church, my scientific understanding of how EFT actually works has deepened, and this inspired me to develop a simple technique that I call “meta tapping”.

I’ve used this with clients who are really overwhelmed with emotional intensity, and others who may be feeling mentally trapped and hopeless about ever getting relief.  It also seems to help for clients who are hyper-intellectual and distanced from their feelings.

My understanding, based on the book, is that when we tap on ourselves, each tap generates a small piezo-electric charge (think flint and steel) and that this pulse of energy travels all through our body, almost instantaneously, carried along the collagen fibers of our connective tissue.

The fibers of our connective tissue just happen to be arranged in a serial array—allowing them to act as a liquid crystal semi-conductor, much like in a computer chip.  This system conducts energy and information very much faster than our nervous system, and it links to every part of the body, down to the cellular level.

When we are tapping in EFT, we are pairing this pulse of energy with specific healing information—the unconditional love and acceptance in the set up statement paired with whatever problem we’re dealing with.  This message lets our body-mind know, on a very fundamental level, that everything is okay now, the trauma is over, and our system can let go and relax.

This pulsing message gets carried to exactly the place in our energy system where an emotion has been stuck, smoothing out the disruption and allowing it to slough off, so to speak.

So how does “meta tapping” work in practice?  It’s very simple and can be inserted into any round of basic EFT.  For example, I might have the client say:

Even though I feel this anger over my father beating me, I deeply love and accept myself and I choose to let this anger go…

And every single tap I’m making is generating a small electrical pulse…

And every single pulse is shooting all through my body, going right to where that anger is stuck…

And every single pulse is carrying the message that I want to heal and let this go...

And every pulse of energy is smoothing out my energy system and loosening that anger and making it slough off…

And every tap is pulsing healing energy to shake loose this dull red anger stuck in my beautiful blue energy system…which is becoming so smooth and slick and shiny that nothing can stick to it…

If my client is extremely upset, I’ve found that repeating this little sequence over and over helps them detach a bit and disassociate from the problem.  They begin to see the problem in more objective terms—a disruption in their energy system!  And now that they’ve got a more visual goal in mind—shaking loose, or sloughing off this energy that’s not supposed to be there—they often become very enthusiastic and vigorous in their tapping.

I’ve had good results with this technique so I thought I would share it.  I’d love to hear how it works for others.  If you haven’t read Dawson’s book yet, I highly recommend it.

Warm regards,

Rob Nelson, Cert-1

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