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Dear EFT Community,

Here's an excellent article by Silvia Hartmann on how to go about creating Setup Statements and tapping language—custom-tailored to you—from what you are thinking, feeling, and saying. She uses a case of panic and anxiety to illustrate. It's a great guide for those who are new to EFT and trying to figure out what to tap on. 

-Stephanie M

 By Silvia Hartmann

First, Julia's inquiry:

I have been having PA's [Panic Attacks] and chronic anxiety for almost 10 years. I have given up work (college lecturer/counsellor) and pretty much don't go anywhere (I get very panicky when I go further than about 10 miles from home). I have tried EFT, but I'm a bit confused about just what I'm tapping for. The problem is that I learned to "control" my (classic) panic attacks quite early on, but my (very clever!) body found different ways to draw my attention to my "burning house."

So instead of classic PA's, I will feel terribly sick, and or get problems with my eyesight, and/or get jelly legs (so that I bump into things), and so many other things over the years that I just don't trust myself anymore. My confidence is at zero. I just don't know what my body will come up with next.

My burning house is, I think, something to do with assertiveness, and also my relationship with my mother. My mother is ill at the moment, and in hospital 150 miles away, and I'm in agonies of guilt because I can't go and see her. I am truly at the end of my tether. I'm having psychotherapy, but of course it's by phone because I won't travel to where she practices. I can see no way out, and everyone here talks about how brilliant EFT is—and I just don't think I'm doing it right. I would be so grateful for any help. I truly am desperate. I have a superb husband, who is utterly supportive (and reckons it's all down to my relationship with my mum—he says she's controlling and unkind).

Thank you for listening, Julia

Silvia Hartmann's response:

Julia, EFT is so marvelous because you get to control exactly what you're tapping on.

Make a list and just tap through it to start with, so you get to learn how it feels and just what kind of things work for you, what type of statements, and how you respond (it's like you're learning to become your own therapist and get to know yourself in the process).

From your mail, there are a heap of opening statements you can try out:

- I have had chronic anxiety for almost 10 years and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.

That would be a good start to any "let's listen to Julia and try and balance her energy system so she feels better" session to begin with.

- I don't go anywhere

- I'm a bit confused about just what I'm tapping for.

- Even though I tried to "control" my (classic) panic attacks...

- Even though I will feel terribly sick...

- Even though I problems with my eyesight...

- Even though I get jelly legs...

- Even though I bump into things...

Confidence Set:

- Even though I just don't trust myself anymore...

- Even though my confidence is at zero.

- Even though I just don't know what my body will come up with next...

- Even though I think my burning house is something to do with assertiveness... 

- Even though I think, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. (I'd make that one a priority if I were you.)

Next set:

Even though my mother is ill, I deeply...

Even though I'm in agonies of guilt...

Even though I am truly at the end of my tether... 

Next set:

Even though I can see no way out...

Even though I just don't think I'm doing it right...

Even though I truly am desperate...

Even though I have a superb husband...

Even though my husband says my mother is controlling and unkind...

As you can see, I just took your own words from your e-mail, paragraph by paragraph, to highlight just how you can create your own custom-made opening statements with EFT from what you are thinking, feeling, and saying.

It's one of the truly amazing things about EFT: You get to listen to yourself and hear yourself tell yourself what's wrong, all the time, as you're telling it to others.

Print this out and tap all the statements over a period of time, as your very own "custom training for Julia in EFT."

Not to "cure" you of all your ills, but just to get to know how Julia and EFT get along, how it works, what it feels like.

It's an education in your own energy system, and how your thoughts, energy flow, emotions, and symptoms really hang together in truth and all reality.

This is the first step on a truly amazing journey, and one we have all taken, and one that was probably one of the greatest eye-openers we've ever had.

And for all the others who are listening, try this method to find your own words to make your own opening statements.

Sit down and write an e-mail, you don't need to post it, really let go and tell it as it is, what troubles you and what winds you up, and then go through it and extract the opening statements as though you were your own therapist, like I have just done, write them out clearly, print them out and...start tapping!

That's the way forward to a completely different future altogether, and should that idea cause some anxiety, well...

"I have a future and I deeply and profoundly LOVE and ACCEPT myself!"

Take heart, have faith, start tapping!


0 #1 Linda Timney 2013-07-10 12:16
Silvia, this is pure gold for anyone starting out. Thank you for a priceless contribution.

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