Say It Loud With Your Body

Dear Readers,

Here's a reminder from Matthew Sloane of how shouting the words, and involving the body, can get to the bottom of an emotion like jealousy. Visit Matthew's website.

-David MacKay

by Matthew Sloane

I recently started letting my raised voice guide my EFT clients into their own raised voices. When I say, for example, "I love and accept myself!" at the top of my lungs, it engages more of my entire body. Tony Robbins calls this sort of technique an "incantation", whereby calling on your physiology to enhance a spoken declaration moves energy even more powerfully. When I do this, I can't help but involve more of my self. Plus it's fun and changes up the pattern of the EFT session, making for a more dynamic ride.

I believe incantations help limiting beliefs leave the body's nervous system while absorbing new empowering beliefs done in the same way. How could the body discriminate, one might ask? Here's my best guess… Being fully empowered is our natural state. Our bodies are healing machines and know what to do with energy. It's as if there's a filtering mechanism conducted by a higher self, releasing what doesn't serve and retaining what does.

An example of incantations in action…

I've tapped on jealousy in myself and for others. Jealousy shows up for me as losing love. Specifically, having someone I love express a loving energy towards anyone other than me. I feel myself saying, "hey! What about me?!!!"

Going deeper, the next feeling is being abandoned; saying to myself, "how could you? I feel so invisible! Can't you see me?" Underneath that, I have to admit that anytime I feel alone, what has truly happened is that I have abandoned myself and decided to put the blame elsewhere. Often, it's too painful to admit that I'm the one who left me feeling invisible, so defaulting to blame is my defense against the shame I feel when I realize I did it to myself.

"I don't feel seen — it's your fault!"

With this realization, I tried an incantation to call on the part of me that knows I am never alone — be it my higher self, my inner parent, or my future self… whoever. I stand up, let my arms and legs and head move along with the words and say something like: "I'm not going anywhere! (loud and with a lot of bodily emphasis) I'm always here for you, no matter what happens! You feel sad, lost, like crap -- I'm still here for you."

Continuing… "You feel whatever you need to feel because I have your back! No matter what, I love you! When you feel alone, I will be here to give you whatever you need to remember that you are never alone and you are always loved!"

Try it -- stand up. If you need to tap, let it happen naturally through your feet on the floor or your hands touching your chest or each other.
It's okay if you feel like you're acting (I always do).

It still feels really good to feel such strong self-support.

by Matthew Sloane

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