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Dear EFT Community,

I talked recently to one of the sweetest people, Jessica Ortner, about the question of EFT and spirituality. Jessica is a powerhouse, one of the visionaries behind the Tapping World Summit, which brings together some great speakers from the EFT community and beyond for 10 days every year. Luminaries featured include Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup series of books; you can see Jack in Jessica's movie The Tapping Solution here.


By Dawson Church, PhD, EFT TRN-3

What Jessica and I reflected on in our conversation is that, as you use EFT to clear those negative emotions, and free your consciousness from the tug of all the upsets that used to claim your attention, you open up a big free space.

Before you began the journey of emotional freedom, you might have spent each morning rushing around taking care of your family, worried about the day ahead.

You might have had a commute to work in which you listened to the news (invariably bad news) and were bothered by the behavior of other commuters. Then you work for a day, reacting to the irritating people around you. Then another trip back home, where you might face surly teenage children, demanding parents, an upset spouse, and domestic chores.

If you watch TV, you get another dose of disturbing news. So from waking to going back to sleep, much of your day is filled with negative emotion. Even at night, you might suffer from nightmares, adding stressful nights to stressful days.

Once you learn not to react, to stay calm and detached, releasing your reactivity with EFT, you open up more and more space in your life. I used to turn on the radio in my car during my morning and evening trips, listening to the news. About a year ago, I decided to listen to meditative music instead, and use my travel time to give thanks and commune with Spirit.

I gave myself time free of the negative emotions that the news often engenders.

This delicious emotional space feels so good, you're bound to want more of it! So you might start meditating in the morning, or tapping between work and home so that you don't import the stress of your workplace into your family time. Bit by bit, the parts of your life that used to be dominated by negative emotion become available for something else.

What is it that enters that space?

In the conversation Jessica and I had as part of the Tapping World Summit, we talked about that very question.

In my experience working with several thousand people using EFT, what often fills that space is creativity, relaxation, joy, and spirituality. Our old stories that "I don't have time to meditate," or "I'm too busy for creative projects" collapse, because we've now given ourselves time and space. All the parts of ourselves that were previously pushed into the background by our reactive emotions now have the opportunity to come forward and enrich our lives.

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