The Human Hologram, Acupuncture and EFT - Part 1


by Dr Robin Kelly

In 1981, soon after starting in general practice following six years in hospital medicine, I became intrigued by the success a fellow doctor in my practice was having with acupuncture. Later that year, he died suddenly and tragically at the age of 42, and I became determined to continue his legacy and to learn and practice acupuncture to the best of my ability. Over the following years, I developed a deeper understanding of its role in helping both the straightforward and the complex medical conditions presenting to me every day. Folk with sore necks and backs often walked out of my office completely relieved of pain, while others with chronic diseases were able to reduce their unhealthy dependence on prescription drugs. As a result I prescribed less, and my patients were excited by, and very supportive of, this valuable new service our practice was offering.

Along with several other enthusiastic MDs here in New Zealand, I became determined to understand the reasons why acupuncture was so helpful. We studied both the Western, biochemical research and the traditional Chinese philosophies, now closely aligned to the developing science of biophysics. This holistic paradigm linked our emotions with our physical health – and I found that these principles could be easily relayed to my patients, many of whom already had a deep innate understanding of these relationships. This led to closer bonds being formed between us, with those seeking my help becoming true partners and owners of their healing.

In the 90s, I became determined to discover ways to make the changes I was witnessing more sustainable, by further involving people in their deep healing process. I encouraged them to explore their unique creativity, to take up martial arts, yoga, tai chi, and simple forms of meditation. I began to realise the struggles we all face with our health, and our lives in general, could be regarded as important catalysts for change. I witnessed the consciousness of many who engaged in their health in this way to grow, with many silver linings often appearing around the apparent dark clouds of ill health.

My consultations now take much longer than when I first started out. Our first meeting lasts an hour and a half, as we explore the childhood and generational roots of ill health and suffering. If we have time, I use acupuncture to guide the person into a state of deep relaxation, encouraging them to breathe gently allowing their abdomen to rise with each breath. On subsequent visits, we explore gentle and simple energy psychology exercises, which often can take the place of our acupuncture sessions. This process leads to the person taking full ownership of their health, and their life.

Over the next three months I’ll explain precisely how I adapt energy psychology and EFT techniques to assist the healing of the many chronic conditions that present to me. And I’ll speculate on how an understanding of ourselves as fractal, holographic beings living within a fractal, holographic universe, may shed light on the reasons why these simple and remarkable techniques are proving to be so effective.

Dr Robin Kelly MD, FRNZCGP is the author of “The Human Hologram – Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field.” To be released on March 15th 2011 by Energy Psychology Press.

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