The Human Hologram, Acupuncture and EFT - Part 4

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Dr. Robin Kelly, author of The Human Hologram, describes EFT and acupunture as works of art, and offers an interesting exercise to be performed each night before falling asleep. Visit Dr. Kelly's websiteRead Part 3.

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by Dr Robin Kelly

I have been attracted to acupuncture over the years for a number of reasons.

First, and foremost, when used wisely, it works. Second, again when used wisely, it is safe. It has also allowed me to prescribe less potentially dangerous medicines, and save many from spinal surgery. But I have to admit my enthusiasm is also deeply personal, appealing as much to the creative artist as the analytical scientist in me. Devising an acupuncture treatment is not simply a linear, deductive process. For example, although it is important to understand the significance of each individual acupuncture point one is selecting, it is of equal importance to choose points that in combination treat the whole person.

The human body communicates directly to us any imbalances with sensations we have learned to call ‘symptoms.’ The word ‘symptom’ comes from an ancient Greek word simply meaning a ‘happening.’ So symptoms are simply happenings or messages that command our attention, requiring us firstly to listen to them, and then to change our ways if we are to avoid further misery or discomfort. I can’t help remember here the last time I suffered a hangover from a night of overindulgence!

I have long regarded acupuncture as playing its part in this dialog – replying tactilely to a pattern of messages, letting the body know that its is being ‘heard.’ The geometric pattern created by the needles on the body is as important as the points themselves –just as a great work of art, or symphony, is always far more than a sum of its parts. I view EFT in precisely the same way – a special and intimate dialog with our body - some would say our subconscious mind or soul – with a pattern of tapping and phrases indicating not only that it is being heard, loud and clear, but that it is being cared for with the utmost compassion.

The Chinese have taught us that ideal health is achieved when our bodies are in balance – our yin energies in perfect balance with our yang energies. The yin and yang symbol is the perfect representation of this balance. In physics, we also see this balance in the opposing spins of electrons orbiting atoms in the state of entanglement.

We can understand this balance better when we examine the classical symbol of infinity - the figure eight, lying horizontally rather than vertically. This shape is also known as the lemniscate, derived from a Latin word meaning a ribbon. If we pick up a piece of ribbon and form a figure of eight shape, giving the ribbon a twist so opposing sides join, we have effectively formed our infinity sign, or as it is also known, our version of a Möbius strip.

If an electrical current is passed through an electrical wire wrapped tightly around a metal ring shaped as a figure eight, otherwise known as a Möbius coil, the positive and negative currents equal each other out. We are left instead with a central vacuum for energy beyond magnetism – beyond the confines of our four dimensions. This energy is known by a variety of names – scalar energy, zero-point energy, free energy etc.

It is my job as a therapist to create this state of yin/yang balance within the energetic body of the person seeking my help, so that she or he can gain access to this nonlocal, non temporal energy. When this happens the person once again feels in balance with the world - in other words healed and healthy.

The gift of EFT is that each person becomes their own personal healer, creating their own perfect balance. For their more immediate symptoms, I teach the tapping methods so well demonstrated on this website, explaining the ritual as a work of art performed lovingly on themselves. However for those with chronic illnesses – the majority who present to me – I encourage a further exercise to be performed every night in bed before falling asleep.

Firstly, their hands are placed palm downwards over their sternum, or breast plate. Their arms therefore form a figure-of-eight shape, with a meeting, or zero, point over the centre of their chest.

Secondly, a gentle abdominal breathing pattern is established, ensuring the mind and the body is calm and relaxed.

Thirdly, the ‘Even though…’ phrase is repeated three times, using their dominant presenting symptom ie pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, sadness etc.

I have found that visualising the words within an infinity sign really helps people connect with this exercise.


Many find they now fall asleep with their ‘hands over their heart’, waking in the morning in the same position, refreshed and optimistic about the day that lies ahead.

Dr Robin Kelly M.D., author of the award winning The Human Antenna, and the upcoming The Human Hologram, has spent his practising life investigating the science of deep healing. In particular, he is on a personal quest to discover the underlying reasons why acupuncture and EFT are such effective therapies.

His website is

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