The Reminder Phrase

Exposure therapy has been the subject of much research, which has shown that prolonged exposure to a problem when coupled with techniques to calm the body effectively treats traumatic stress. EFT incorporates exposure in the form of a Reminder Phrase. This is a brief phrase that keeps the problem at the front of your mind while you tap on the acupressure points. It keeps your brain focused on the specific issue you’re working on, rather than jumping to other thoughts and feelings. The aim of the Reminder Phrase is to bring the problem vividly into your experience, even though the emotionally triggering situation might not be present now.

For instance, if you have test anxiety, you use the Reminder Phrase to keep you focused on the fear, even though you aren’t actually taking a test right now. That gives EFT an opportunity to shift the pattern in the absence of the real problem. You can also use EFT during an actual situation, such as when you’re taking an actual test, but most of the time you’re working on troublesome memories. The Reminder Phrase keeps you targeted on the problem.

An example of a Reminder Phrase for test anxiety might be “That test” or “The test I have to take tomorrow” or “That test I failed.”

Other examples of Reminder Phrases are:

The bee sting
Dad hit me
Friend doesn’t respect me
Lawyer’s office
Sister told me I was fat
Car crash
This knee pain

Tap each point in the EFT Sequence while repeating your Reminder Phrase.

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