The Tapping-the-System Emotional Freedom Technique

By Ulrike Tuzar

I came up with this idea when I was working on a guilt issue of my own. I am a mother and, like most mothers, there are memories regarding my children that are loaded with guilt.

I used EFT on these guilt issues but the intensity rate didn’t really decrease.

Upon looking on the issue in more depth I discovered thoughts like--

“If I use EFT and forgive myself for what happened then that means I am betraying my son. Accordingly, I should pay for my actions for the rest of my life and that is like it has to be."

This, of course, is yet another form of guilt thinking and thus I was going in a circle. I would tap on one form of guilt that would generate another and another and another.

I was in a conflict wherein I wanted to get rid of the guilt but didn't allow myself to do so. Even if I was very persistent in tapping, all the feelings and memories and thoughts decreased very little in intensity and the whole issue kept coming back.

This led me to the "Tapping The System" Technique wherein the System is defined as a combination of--

• My son (Steffen) as he was during the guilt issue.
• Me as I was at the time of the guilt issue.
• Me as I am now.

The situation was when my son was a baby and in a hospital and I left him alone. This created guilt on my part and so I tapped on his and my feelings together. I recognized in this that “his feelings” were my projections anyway (I don't really know what his were) and probably feelings from my own childhood.

I vividly imagined the situation, tapped on the whole thing and then I focused on my son and what he might have felt. It was like switching into him (that was a hard one! Next time I would suggest the Tearless-Trauma-Technique on that part of the process...). I tapped on that.

I then came back to my feelings when I was in that situation.

Then to my judgments about me now and then back to Steffen and on and on went the cycle. It was similar to having EFT lead me through the process by shifting aspects.

It was quite a journey but at the end there was peace.

I also applied this “system tapping” on other memories and then started to use it with a client who also had a guilt-issue with her daughter. It worked very well.

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