Thoughts on mental tapping and reframing

By Rich Kelley

In the hope that others might find it useful, I wanted to talk about several methods of using EFT that I have found very successful.  One is the use of a method others have shared on your website of Mental Tapping.  By that I mean, mentally picturing that I am tapping the EFT points while I go through the statements or affirmations.

I commute daily on the freeway for 45 minutes and this is an excellent time to tap mentally on issues and affirmations.  Also in meetings or other non-busy times, this mental tapping helps me to stay in a healthful state of mind.

The other EFT methodology is what I call "Reframing.”  What I mean by this is taking a past event, running a movie of it but add an element to make it "safe."  This helped to diffuse certain stubborn issues where general tapping was not as effective.  This "safe" environment is achieved by a number of means; having a personal advocate, having your grown self there or another that works for you.

An example might be helpful: I had an issue when I was about 6-8 years old when my grandmother died.  For whatever reason, I became transfixed on death, and I remember kneeling in one of those old rockers and frantically rocking it back and forth, back and forth while saying "we are all going to die someday, we are all going to die someday".  This was pretty heavy for an eight year old.  I tried general tapping on this issue but did not feel at peace about it (I didn't measure the level of intensity).

In my re-running the movie of my eight year old in the rocking chair, I imagined myself as an adult being there.  I engaged my young self and comforted him.  I explained about EFT to him and we both tapped about the fear of death, how we got here, life and other statements.  This process and statements helped to reduce the intensity level of the issue to a zero out of 10 and I felt at peace about it.

The idea of envisioning using EFT on me as a young child seemed a bit odd at first, but under your guide of "trying it on everything", I went ahead with it and it worked.  That, to me, is the proof in the pudding.


Rich Kelley

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