In this interesting brief article, Rosemary Walters shares with us how tapping along a time-line of events helped her to achieve a feeling of integration and healing. Thank you, Rosemary

By Rosemary Walters

I would like to share a method I use which is tapping along a series of events.

For example, some of my emotions about eating are associated with experiences at the dinner table when I was young. I have not only tapped on myself about those feelings but I have also imagined tapping on the little girl (myself) sitting at that table long ago. I also imagined tapping on the mother and father back then. In my mind, I have brought a kind of healing to the family group back then. It also adds perspective because I can now see how young and inexperienced those parents back then were and they don’t seem so powerful.

Sometimes there are a series of events that seem linked and I tap on each of them. For example, a story my father told me of being treated carelessly when he was a child and his own behaviour which has seemed reckless at times, reflecting that attitude of treating himself carelessly.  My feelings of anxiety about him when I was a child and also now. By tapping along a time-line of events, tapping myself, but also picturing tapping others in the events, I seem to be able to get a feeling of integration and healing.

Rosemary Walters

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