Using EFT for Preventing Illness

By Gregg Kendall

We all know how well EFT works once we have an emotional issue or physical ailment that we want to be free from, but just recently I tried it as a preventative measure to see what benefits might be gained.  This idea came from the EFT mantra of "Try it on everything,'"and I am pleased to report that the results were excellent.

On a recent holiday and we had all nine of our family, including a couple of children, staying with us for five days over a long weekend.  Everything was absolutely fine until the second evening when one of our clan was very ill in the middle of the night, vomiting heavily and suffering from severe stomach pains.

We all thought it might have been something that she had eaten, but we all had the same dinner and none of the rest of us were suffering in the same way.  I used some EFT on her the next afternoon as she wasn't really recovering very well and it helped to relieve the nausea and completely removed the accompanying headache.

The next evening we were sitting at the dinner table when the second of our family had to excuse themselves and dash to the bathroom before being very ill.  This seemed to prove that it wasn't anything we were eating, but rather a virus or some sort of transmittable bug that was affecting our family.

The thought of spending the rest of our time together watching as one-by-one the family succumbed to the illness was too much to bear.  As I was doing EFT for myself and my wife the next day I had a thought - could I use EFT to prevent us from getting ill?  So I offered EFT to the entire family as a preventative measure thinking we had nothing to lose and a healthy, good time to be gained.

All but one member of the family took me up on the offer and I used the setup affirmation: Even though there is this stomach illness running through our family… For the tapping points I used reminder phrases such as: This stomach illness … This virus … This stomach bug … This illness that is making people vomit.

I am thrilled to report that none of the people on whom I did EFT got sick that weekend; unfortunately the person who opted out wasn't so lucky.

This isn't a scientifically controlled study and there isn't clear-cut proof that it was the EFT that prevented the rest of us from getting ill, but I don't believe in coincidences.  So next time you know that you have been exposed to an illness that you don't want to experience, tap on it before it becomes an issue … and who knows you might prevent it from happening at all!

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