Using EFT with A Course in Miracles TeachingsTouched by a Miracle book

Dear EFT Community,

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) has been very popular among spiritual seekers for decades. Here EFT practitioner and ACIM student

Colleen Flanagan describes releasing her blocks to spiritual growth with EFT.

- Dawson Church

By Colleen Flanagan

The EFT newsletters sometimes contain quotes from the book A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and I wanted to share how I've used EFT with ACIM. ACIM teachings have changed countless people's lives, but many, including me, have found the concepts and wording to be frustrating and difficult to understand.

Two years ago, in the spirit of trying EFT on everything, I began identifying and releasing my blockages to ACIM. Most noticeably, after clearing my blockages to lesson 77, "I am entitled to miracles," the wondrous miracles flowed into my life in the form of new clients, prosperity at many levels, a new long-term love relationship, deep peace, acceptance, and love. Synchronistic events began occurring and still occur daily that keep me grinning in amazement and gratitude.

Below are a few setup statements that released my blocks. I offer them to anyone who may be starting or restarting their yearly ACIM journey, and who wishes to deeply embrace these peaceful, loving, life-changing teachings.

Even though I sometimes have a fear of failure to understand these complex teachings, I release this fear, open my mind and heart to comprehend these lessons that will help me do God's work on Earth via EFT.

Even though I am afraid I will lose myself to these powerful teachings, I choose to believe these lessons will enhance my life for the better and I will never lose me.

Even though I don't resonate with the idea that God must be male, I remember that this book was written in the 1960s and choose to change the He/Him to Father/Mother/God as I read the text and feel it is appropriate.

Even though I was taught that Jesus was the light of the world and I don't feel worthy to even read lesson 61 "I am the light of the world," I now accept that I am worthy and can enlighten the world about healing via my EFT practice.

Even though I remember the nuns and priests teaching me that I don't deserve to work miracles, I choose to release this old energy pattern and accept that I CAN and WILL work miracles via EFT when Father/Mother/God knows I am ready.

After tapping on the above, my anxiety level jumped to 10! Old childhood guilt, fear, and judgment washed over me as my mind echoed with religious admonitions of "How dare you think this way! … Who do you think you are? … You'll go to hell for those blasphemous beliefs!" Suddenly, I felt like a frightened child in parochial grade school, being reprimanded for my innocent questions and theories. I continued tapping:

Even though they told me I'd go to hell if I believed I could work miracles like the saints and Jesus, I release this fear and believe ACIM teachings are safe and right for me now.

Even though I have all these old fears of a vengeful God and hell and purgatory, I feel safe to release these childhood fears, to live in love and peace, doing God's work via EFT, reading and living the ACIM teachings.

After the above were cleared, I tapped in positive statements:

I now easily understand the loving teachings in ACIM daily lessons and text.

I have a right as a Child of God to work miracles via EFT and my God-given gifts and skills.

I now use EFT to help myself and my clients release their blocks to the miracles of forgiveness, love, and healing.

The combination of ACIM and EFT has enriched my life on many levels.  I tap in the loving ACIM teachings as I read them each day. I've also learned to identify and tap away clients' religious blockages that have kept them stuck in a guilty, self-judgmental, self-destructive holding pattern for years.

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