Using Silent EFT TappingEFT Manual by Dawson Church

By Rosi Inana Thielen

Here in Germany, I have experienced that a few people often do not feel at ease with repeating the setup sequence out loud while they are learning EFT tapping.

In addition, they totally lose it when it comes to the 9 Gamut Procedure.

As a spiritual healer, re-birther and counselor I include EFT with my clients for different issues. So I decided to try 'silent' rounds to make things easier and to see if that could work as well. And it does.

This is how I do Silent EFT Tapping:

I agree with the client on the issue and/or feeling and/or pain, so that we are in sync. And then I have them do the basic setup round, including the 9 Gamut Procedure, then see how it goes with the client and then add a round or two using the Choices Method.

I have them repeat their chosen setup phrase silently in my mind while tappingt, going through the 9 Gamut Procedure, while they are relaxed in the trusting feeling that something is changing for them - I can tell by their breathing.  

The results are just as good as when they do it out loud.

My mother, bless her, was my guinea pig (she did not know that, of course).  She is usually very open with anything I do with her, but when I first began teaching her EFT and had her say the phrases, the self-acceptance affirmation, and then the eyes rolling and humming--that was too silly for her.

Even though she felt better afterwards she said it was just too silly for EFT to be an effective healing tool.

The next time I just said for her touch the acupuncture points to stimulate a balanced energy flow and think the statments.  She relaxed, closed her eyes and did silent tapping for about three rounds. She was surprised when she became pain-free (lower back pain) afterwards.  

I thought that sharing this experience would be helpful for those who encounter similar situations where they feel the need to tap in silence.

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