Using Teddy Bears for EFT TappingEmpower Your Child with EFT book

By Karen Stock

I would like to bring attention again to the following since a lot of people are not aware of this way of doing EFT even though it has been with the EFT community for a while. I will revisit this way of doing EFT and expand with my own insights.

  • Doing EFT with a teddy bear or a doll is greatly helpful for many reasons. EFT practitioner Till Schilling's daughters created Tappy Bear. To learn more or buy Tappy Bear, just enter Tappy Bear in Google.
  • It is a great way to make use of your teddy bears and dolls that you might still have from childhood. This is a great way to get them out of the closet and corners and give them a job and new life and meaning. This might bring up all kinds of hidden issues that one might not have been aware of.
  • I find that working with a teddy bear adds greatly to the EFT practice since the bear is always happy.
  • It helps people with disabilities that have limited arm movements but are very capable of moving their hands. One can then tap one's own fingers separately.
  • It is also easier to work with just one spot on the teddy bear instead of trying to do this on yourself.
  • I found that using four-legged stuffed animals does not work as well as the teddy bear does. There is some kind of magic with working with a teddy bear. However, four legged stuffed animals might work well for doing EFT on animals. I have not tried this yet.
  • Working with a teddy bear or a doll is particularly useful for teaching EFT to children.
  • For men with big hands, I recommend larger teddy bears. It is much easier to work on larger bears with larger hands.
  • For travelling, small bears work nicely since they are easy to carry and you can put them in your carry-on luggage in airplanes. In this way, it is easy to do some rounds of EFT while in an airplane or a bus or on a train.
  • You can cover a small bear with a jacket or a blanket if you don't want your neighbors to see what you are doing. But perhaps we can start a movement and have adults holding teddy bears again.
  • While sitting in confined spaces and having to deal with anxiety, for example, while taking off in an airplane, one can comfortably tap on the lower rib spots on a small teddy bear. These are spots that bring peace and relaxation. Try it; it works like magic.
  • For women with larger breasts who have trouble reaching under them for tapping on the rib lower rib spots or also under the arms, the teddy bear or a doll works much better for doing EFT on themselves or teaching it to others.

I find that my teddy bears are a great addition to my EFT practices. Happy Teddy Bear EFT Days to everybody!

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