When the Client Won't Speak about the Issue

Dear EFT Community,

EFT does not have to be a talking therapy. Rachel Pernak shares with us her experience working with an EFT client whom did NOT want to speak about her issues. Even though the client did not want to speak about ths issues, tapping generally can have great effect.

-Kaiya Kramer

By Rachel Pernak

I would just like to share an experience I had with a client last week.

Even though I have constantly been told in my training, that EFT does not have to be a talking therapy, I admit I was a little skeptical - until

last week!

I had a lady who I had been recommended to through a previous EFT client. This lady came to see me, and seemed very nervous and unsure, and as soon as she sat down, informed me that she did not want to talk about any of the reasons why she was coming to see me for EFT, but that her friend had gone on about how amazing it had been for her so she had decided to come to see if I could help her. I thought 'oh my god, well this is when my confidence in EFT is truly made or broken'!!

Anyway, I told the lady she did not have to tell me any of the reasons as to why she was here, but to just think back to a situation recently where she had felt an emotion - it could be that somebody had annoyed her, standing in a queue that had worked her up etc. It could be anything. she said she could think of something but again didn't want to speak about it - so we just worked on 'even though this situation upset me.'

Initially the feeling was an 8, but after 1 round, went down to a 3, then a 0!! Whilst working on this, my client started getting quite emotional, so we did the Tearless Trauma Technique, and this subsided. My client said that although she didn't want to talk about the situation, she did say that she felt frustrated about something, but could not change it. So we worked on frustration. 'Even though I feel frustrated about this situation...' it began at 10, then after 1 round went down to 8, and feelings of tightness were experienced by my client in her stomach. So we continued to work on the frustration, then when that had gone down to a 0- we worked on the stomach feeling.

Anyway, to cut a long story short (too late hey!!) my client had a major shift, and ended the session by telling me her feelings about the situation had completely changed, and that she now felt that although she still could not , or ever, accept the situation - she could accept that she couldn't accept it - rather than beating herself up about not being able to accept it all (whatever it was).

This 1 session proved to me just how amazing EFT truly is. Many people do not want to talk and re-live a situation and that is why they don't go to counselors. The beauty of EFT, as I have now seen, is the very fact that you don't have to re-live a bad feeling, situation or experience constantly to heal it, move on and be free from it. .

Just wanted to share this with you and anyone else who is wondering about whether or not EFT truly works without speaking...it does.

Happy tapping,

Rachel Pernak

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