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A Case Report of Schizophreniform Disorder Treated by Oriental Medical Treatment and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Citation (APA style): Lee, J-W., Cha, H-J., Seo, Y-M., Seo, D-W., & Park, S-J. (2009). A case report of schizophreniform disorder treated by Oriental medical treatment and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Journal of Oriental Neuropsychiatry, 20(2), 207-216.


Objective: Schizophreniform Disorder can be regarded as pre-stage of Schizophrenia, which is known as one of the most common mental health disorders. Many studies have shown that treatment of Schizophrenia with antipsychotic drugs has many side effects such as EPS (extrapyramidal symptoms), and recently it has been found that even non-antipsychotics have side effects such as weight gain. This clinical case report investigated the therapeutic effects of Oriental Medicine in Schizophreniform Disorder, and in reducing the side effects of Western medicine.

Methods: We treated the patient diagnosed with Schizophreniform Disorder, whose chief complaint was auditory hallucination, with herbal medicine and acupuncture. Improvement in her clinical symptoms were recorded daily. We also used Emotional Freedom Techniques to control her anxiety.

Results: Auditory hallucination and extrapyramidal symptoms such as tremor disappeared. The patient’s anxiety was controlled by Emotional Freedom Techniques effectively.

Conclusions: From the above results, we conclude that Oriental Medical treatment may be effective in treating clinical symptoms of Schizophreniform Disorder, as well as in reducing the side effects of Western medicine.


Schizophreniform Disorder, auditory hallucination, Emotional Freedom Techniques