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Clinical Story of a 6-Year-Old Boy’s Eating Phobia: An Integrated Approach

Citation (APA style): McCarty, W. (2008). Clinical story of a 6-year-old boy’s eating phobia: An integrated approach. Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 21(2), 117-139.


This article presents a clinical story of a one-session therapeutic intervention for a young boy’s lifelong eating phobia as an example of an integrated therapeutic approach utilizing prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN) understanding of early experiences as potential origins for life patterns and an energy psychology healing modality intervention emotional freedom techniques (EFT). Key principles of the Integrated Model and corresponding elements of an integrated therapeutic approach are presented. The session took place without the child present. Nonlocal intuitive perception, mind-to-mind communication, and a nonlocal application of EFT are discussed as integral aspects of the therapeutic approach. The notion of the Integrated PPN Practitioner is introduced.


eating phobia, prenatal and perinatal psychology (PPN), emotional freedom techniques (EFT)