Qualitative analysis of the influence of an Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) group treatment program for Hwa-Byung (suppressed anger) patients

Citation (APA Style): Song, S-Y., Lee, J-H., Suh, J-W., Kwon, C-Y., & Kim, J-W. (2014). Qualitative analysis of the influence of an Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) group treatment program for Hwa-Byung (suppressed anger) patients. Journal of Oriental Neuropsychiatry, 25(1), 29-38. doi:10.7231/jon.2014.25.1.029


Objectives: The objective of this study was to examine the effects of Emotion Freedom Techniques (EFT) group treatment program for Hwa-byung (suppressed anger) patients. 

Methods: Thirteen Hwa-byung patients participated in a four week program of EFT group treatment. One-hour sessions were administered weekly. Between sessions, participants self-administered EFT in order to control their symptoms. Four weeks after the program ended, we interviewed the participants using a semi-structured interview. Data collected was summarized using qualitative analysis. 

Results: The EFT group treatment program produced positive effects in physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms. Most of the participants experienced relief from Hwa-byung symptoms like chest tightness, hot flashes, and insomnia. Their ability to cope with stress improved and their re-experiencing of past memories decreased. Their distorted self-images were improved. A decrease in negative emotions and an increase in positive emotions was noted. Participants were able control their symptoms between sessions with EFT. In addition, the group therapy format helped participants to develop social support. 

Conclusions: An EFT group treatment program can relieve the physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms of Hwa-byung. This program can be applied in psychotherapeutic treatment of Hwa-byung.

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