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Reiki Is Associated with Changes in Blood Cell Quality:A Pilot Study Using Darkfield Microscopy

Citation (APA Style): Bowman, J. R. (2021). Reiki is associated with changes in blood cell quality: A pilot study using darkfield microscopy. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 13(2), 12–22. doi:10.9769/EPJ.2021.13.2.JB


Alternative health practitioners, especially those utilizing biofield energies, are challenged to explain what is happening outside of what individuals receiving treatment share post session about their experiences. This research aims to demonstrate the cellular effect, reflected in human blood as evidenced by darkfield microscopy, of an energetic or spiritual treatment. To achieve this, 71 volunteers were recruited for the Vibrant Health Research project. Each volunteer donated blood samples by capillary puncture and received 30 minutes of Reiki. This study aimed to determine if one Reiki treatment session induced changes of quality (motility, shape, and structure) and influenced oxidative stress components within erythrocytes (red blood cells; RBCs). This study further aimed to document any Reiki-induced changes in the protit (somatid), terrain (milieu), or pleomorphic development in the live blood sample. This research also measured changes in volunteer’s perceived wellbeing pre- and posttreatment. These data found that Reiki Ryoho treatment influences mental/emotional outcomes as well as physical effects on live blood samples. Specifically, Reiki treatment was shown here to decrease negative emotions (p = .004) and change the size/shape (p = .003), spatial distance (p < .001), and motility (p = .017) of RBCs. Further, Reiki treatment was also associated with notable differences in the pleomorphic development and markers of oxidative stress reflected in live blood samples. Overall, more systematic research is warranted to validate these findings of long-term Reiki-induced influences on blood.


erythrocytes, biofield, Reiki, pleomorphic cycle, darkfield, microscopy

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