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Research & Studies

What’s the Point of Tapping? A Review

Citation (APA style): Pfeiffer, A. (2018). What’s the point of tapping? A review. Psychotherapeutenjournal (German) 3, 235-243.


The so-called tapping techniques like process and embodiment-focused psychology (PEP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have long since found their way into everyday clinical treatment in Germany. Clinical experience indicates that conditions with a high level of physiological emotional are believed to respond well to tapping techniques. However, based on the esoteric-sounding energy hypotheses on which such treatments rest, many classically trained psychotherapists are critical of these techniques. What do the scientific studies of recent years say about the effectiveness of tapping techniques? For which clinical situations is the application of tapping to be recommended? This review is intended to provide an insight into the current state of research, to critically analyze the individual studies, and to compare their results with studies of other forms of psychotherapy. On this basis, the scientific hypotheses of these therapies is also discussed.

Key Words

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, tapping.

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