Using EFT on Snoring, Asthma and a Numb Leg

Dear Readers,

This letter from Dinky Featherstone of New Zealand was sent to Rehana Webster. Pay particular attention to the segment on snoring. Solid results were obtained, even though the initial EFT session was done while Dinky's husband was sleeping/snoring in the car.

-Will M

By Dinky Featherstone

I have had some amazing experiences with EFT.  You might remember that I mentioned to the class last time that on our way down to Whitianga for the last training I took a turn at driving while David had a sleep in the seat next to me.

Well he always snores and this was no exception.  So I decided to do some intentional (surrogate) tapping on him and the results were quite funny.  He'd snore, I'd tap and he'd stop. He'd snore I'd tap and he'd stop.  This went on for a while until he woke up.  Well I forgot about this until last night.  He was tired and went to bed early and when I went through to the bedroom he was asleep already.  He was so quiet - I got quite a fright and had to check on his breathing!!

Then I remembered that the same thing had happened a few nights ago - and then thinking about it I realized that I haven't been bothered by his snoring since we're back from our last trip to Whitianga!

I told David about this when he got up this morning and he was amazed.  He is a firm believer in EFT which has worked wonders with his leg.  He had a motorbike accident two years ago and it left him with a limp because the muscles of the leg that got hurt have wasted away. He has also had some swelling on the knee that has only gone since EFT. His leg is much stronger now and the strange numb feelings are not so bad - we still tap on things like "this funny numb feeling like pins and needles".  He also uses EFT on 'everything' from high blood pressure to headache and on an occasion when he got very annoyed with someone.

I have had amazing results treating my asthma with EFT.  At first I would just do a few rounds and get some relief but would still have to use my pump to clear it until I decided to give it a good workout - so I did EFT for about an hour and it was completely gone.

Although most of the things that we have worked on have been physical, we have tapped on all the emotional things that have come up during the tapping, and I'm sure that this is why we have had good results.

Thank you Rehana, for teaching us how to use EFT.




0 #1 Karly -No Snore Zone 2014-01-31 05:43
Very interesting insights! It's intriguing to see new methods to stop snoring and this is no exception. I'm interested in delving deeper into the subject!

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