After Intensive Use of EFT: Uterine Cancer ReversalWake Up Live the Life You Love book

By Damaris Drewry, PhD

Christmastime 2006. Here is the physical history of this condition in my early 50s: Hormone replacement therapy (estradiol patch) without enough progesterone to balance the estrogen had set up estrogen dominance in my body, evidenced by spotting. I did see a doctor and had a sonogram after about a year of this, but nothing conclusive showed up. The emotional history during the same time frame was a series of situational crises in my life and relationships that created conflict, confusion, and chaos. In my way of looking at the mind-body connection, these are the 3 c words that lead to cancer. On the Holmes and Rahe (1967) stress scale (divorce, moving, career change, death of a loved one, etc.), I was well over 600, where high risk is 300.

The spotting continued. I woke up one morning with a direct knowing that I had either ovarian or uterine cancer. I called the doctor and went in the same day for a sonogram, followed a few days later by a D&C. The gynecologist said the uterine polyp was unusually large, but in her experience, they are almost never malignant, so she was not seriously concerned and felt the D&C would eliminate the problem entirely. She called 10 days later, surprised to say that the lab results were 100% positive for cancer. The exact wording in the report is: "endometrial adenocarcinoma, Grade 2, diagnosed on D & C. It was recommended that the patient have a hysterectomy and bilateral salpino-oophorectomy [both ovaries removed]."

I’ve been counseling for over 20 years and earned my doctorate in psychology in 2002. I first learned of EFT during the Energy Psychology conference in 2000 where I was presenting "The Human Voice in Energetic Healing," where the voice is used, with or without words, to reframe core issues. I was already good at ferreting out core issues underlying many psychological problems; and I used the power of the spoken word with Kahuna prayers and precise languaging (NLP) to reframe and neutralize core issues.

I know that cancer, the dreaded C word, is really the body’s way of getting our attention by creating a chaotic overgrowth of cells in a part of the body that is a metaphoric cry for help = I’m out of control here, get a grip!

For the year preceding the diagnosis, I was in a new and struggling relationship in which I felt emotionally and spiritually compromised while trying to be a good friend. The uterus is a metaphor for feminine creativity, and I had certainly been neglecting my artistic, musical, and earth-oriented shaman self for too long because I was preoccupied with grieving the unexpected death of my husband in 1995, and after he died, going back to school to earn my doctorate (my research was after-death communication).

After completing my doctorate, I felt very drained, and I tried to hide for several years, AND, between 2002 and 2006, I had two disappointing relationships in a row. Six months before the diagnosis, my stress levels amped up even more when I was taken to court in a spurious lawsuit (I eventually prevailed).

Of course, I was in a panic when I received the diagnosis, particularly feeling as compromised as I did: simultaneous cancer, lawsuit, and loss of meaningful relationship. But, as a shamanic healer, I knew that I would have to change my vibrational frequency pattern, and do it FAST to kill the cancer cells. I also knew that I would have to change my relationship with myself immediately so that new cancer cells could not form.

Fortunately, I had the skills I needed. I imagined T cells surrounding every cancer cell like my friends were surrounding me in my living room, witnessing me asking my Higher Self to connect to my body in order to release the emotional and spiritual issues that I knew were creating cancer cells. I tapped for EVERYTHING I could think of, and my friends surrogate-tapped with me. I ended the compromising relationship. The issues were all intensely personal and the trust level with friends was absolute.

Six days later, when the pathologist (in the operating room) biopsied the organs removed by the surgeon there was no cancer left and I have needed no cancer treatment in the 18 months following surgery. Since then, I have been following my bliss, focused on my private practice, workshops, book writing, and singing. Here are some of the statements I used that apply to using EFT to eliminate any adult-onset cancer:

This is NOT my time to die! (address the fear)

I thank my body for being strong, healthy, and allowing me to experience great freedom and joy! (gratitude and acknowledgment)

I apologize to my body for not heeding warning signals sooner. (tell the truth)

I thank my uterus for containing the cancer completely and sacrificing herself to save the rest of the body. (specific gratitude)

I understand that all of my feelings are valid, and I had good reasons for making the choices I made, given the information I had at the time. (self-acceptance)

The truth is that chaos, confusion, and conflict have made my body feel so out of control that she had to develop cancer to get my attention and change my lifestyle. (tell the truth)

The truth is that I have the right, the privilege, and the power to heal my body in an instant. (reclaim personal power)

I ask my higher self, the part of me that knows how to heal my body, to start that process now and not stop until it is done. (ask for help: this problem cannot be solved entirely at the level at which it was created)

All systems in my body are returning to their optimal level of functioning. (state the desired outcome)

I tapped hundreds of other statements about specifics that are too personal to share.

Please note that the tapping points I have used in over 500 sessions are simple: karate chop; eyebrows, sides of the eyes, cheekbones, under nose, above chin, beneath collarbone, under arms, top of the head, and the pulse-point on the wrist.  I never used the 9 Gamut.

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