EFT for Ankylosing Spondylitis and Numbness from Diabetes

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Notice how Rebecca Marina has her client tune into her physical sensations, even though that's the last thing most people in pain want to do. Rebecca also tests the effectiveness of her work frequently, both with SUD numbers, and by using EFTs "Constricted Breathing" technique.

-Dawson Church

By Rebecca Marina

A dear lady from England, Amy, saw my work with live blood cells listed on your site and scheduled an appointment to see if I could help her with her diabetic related numbness in her toes. This was all done via telephone.

I asked her what other conditions she had and she related that she also had Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is an inflammation condition of the spine and joints and causes stiffness and very poor posture. It is often difficult to stand straight up when one has this condition.

I then guided Amy in a meditation to discover what other sensations in her body might be connected to the diabetes or the Ankylosing Spondylitis. She reported feeling very stiff in her neck and some of the toes on the other foot felt numb as well.

I almost always start any session where there are multiple physical conditions with a "constricted breathing" exercise. This gets the lungs open so we can direct the blood and oxygen where it needs to go. Amy's breathing capacity was only at a 6 when we started.

I always use a modified set up:

"Even though I have this constricted breath."

Then I always put in the positive choice (see Dr Carrington's Choices Procedure) such as:

"Even though I have this constricted breath, I choose to allow my lungs to open up; I choose to allow myself to breath deeply and fully."

Two rounds of that and Amy's breathing was way up, almost a 10. She was really happy about this!

Now, I wanted to work on the Ankylosing Spondylitis before getting around to the numbness in the toes. If you get your spine freed up and feeling better, everything else will feel better as well. So I asked Amy to give an intensity rating of how bad her condition from Ankylosing Spondylitis was.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being you can stand straight up and 5 being somewhere in the middle, how straight can you stand?"

There was silence on the line for a moment as Amy stood to check her condition.

"Oh, it is about a five, I cannot stand very straight at all."

I asked Amy to just take a "guess" at what emotion could be connected to her back being bent over and she had a ready answer. It's wise to ask people to just "guess," for in the guess lies the intuition.

Amy said her back felt like it had had to do things it did not enjoy all it's life.

"Doing things I don't want too do but had to."

So, we used that as the first set up phrase:

Even though my back has had to do things it did not want to do, I love and accept my self.


Even though my back has had to do things it did not want to, I forgive my back for being weak and giving out.

I forgive myself for anything I had to do with it, I know you are doing the best you can.


Even though I can't stand straight, I ask blood and oxygen to flow lovingly to my back, I ask my back to release tension and relax.

I ask my back to accept the loving blood and oxygen.

Blood and oxygen flow to my back.

Lovingly flow to my back

I love you back,

I appreciate you back.

I then asked Amy to re-check her back and she stood up to check. She was at a 7 or 8. We did one more round of sending love, blood and oxygen to her back and she stood again and reported she was standing at a 9. It was just awesome to hear the wonderment in her voice.

Even though we had not addressed the diabetes at all, I then asked Amy to check in on her numb toes. She was once again very excited, "Oh, I have feeling in them, they are still a bit numb but the feeling is coming back!"

So, we turned our attention to the numbness in her toes. I felt guided to send love, blood and oxygen to all the veins in her legs and ask the very veins to be more elastic. We thanked them for the great job they have been doing.

I asked Amy to imagine that she was "the toes" and tell me what kind of emotion she felt as "the toes." Amy said that as a toe, she felt worried that she was being stepped on all the time.

So, we used set ups like:

Even though I am so worried that I am being stepped on I love and accept myself, I forgive myself for anything I had to do with it and I forgive anyone else who contributed to it as well.

I felt guided to ask Amy to hold the spot under the eye and focus on releasing fear of being stepped on while blinking her eyes and moving them all about. Amy reported feeling a great big relief doing this part.

Then we used the same type of set ups for the circulation to the feet:

Even though I still have some numbness in my toes, I ask blood and oxygen to flow lovingly to my toes.

At the end of these rounds, Amy reported that she no longer had that stiffness and "rubber band" around the toe feeling. It was not completely normal but there was a huge difference.

I then gave Amy "homework":

1. Give yourself loving touches every chance you get, your body is starving for love and you have the power to be loving to yourself.

2. Do the "constricted breathing" exercise every day and then send that blood and oxygen lovingly to the toes and to the back.

As you know, with a serious disease, one must keep re-applying and addressing different aspects as they come up. It is wonderful to get such great results in a one hour session but it needs to be done on a regular basis.

It was just delightful to work with Amy and she was very happy to let me share her story.


0 #3 Dr. Kishore 2014-09-15 18:32
Quoting paul:

Hello Paul,
I suggest you to restrict Meals up to 500 max calories per day.
Avoid mindless Eating and eat for hunger only.
Do EFT and Back of Ear Meridian Tapping with following TEXT
"I am a good human being looking for a perfect healthy body to enjoying my life."
"I have noticed Undesired Blood Sugar levels many erratic readings of my Blood Sugar Levels two hours after after eating my food ." I conspicuously avoid eating for Mood swings and eat only for Hunger"

starting from front of LEFT Ear-Opening. Going back ward tapping in anti-Clockwise direction closer on back-side of Ear, well up to lowest point.
"State...the reading (you have noted), say it is bad and undesired. Repeat this process at least three times, but 7 times is desired.
Then shift to Right Ear from Front Going anti-clock wise, from front of Ear continuous tapping stating " My body is intelligent and is now readjusting Blood sugar level not to exceed 70 mg/dl." "I love my Body and I am happy that my Body is self correcting my Issue of Excess Blood Sugar level. as it finds easy to achieve.
I remain ever grateful to the lord to have supported my body

With regards and God Bless You!
Dr Kishore +91 (80) 93430 01821
-1 #2 Paul 2014-09-03 13:05
Does anyone out there have a tapping script for lowering blood sugar or can point me to one? It would be most helpful! Thank you.
0 #1 Linda Noble 2013-02-20 04:49
:D I like this very m uch - the issues mentioned are identicial to problems my husband is experiencing, this is written so simply and effectively I am sure it will be of value to many people. I am hoping my husband will find it useful too. many thanks

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