EFT for Multiple Sclerosis: Fatigue Gone and Walking Unaided

Dear EFT Community,

In this moving article, Linda Thompson tells how EFT helped her recover from debilitating multiple sclerosis. She experienced powerful results in just three weeks of dedicated tapping. 

-Stephanie M

By Linda Thompson

I was diagnosed with MS in 1989 and worked full-time as a travel agent until 2004. After many emotional stresses at work, caused mainly by interpersonal struggles, I began to feel confused and foggy and had difficulty with balance and mobility. I also discovered that my body was creating neutralizing antibodies against the injectable drug I was on and so it was like I was taking a placebo. 

By June I was using a cane and had to be escorted if I were to venture out of the office and by July I was unable to move my left foot, had double vision, major vertigo, bladder difficulties, neuropathic pain, overwhelming fatigue, comprehension and memory problems, and the list goes on and on. I lay on the couch unable to move and couldn't even get myself a glass of water or get myself to the bathroom unless my husband, Bill, helped me. 

As Bill was self-employed, he had to go to work or there would be no money coming into our already financially stressed household and so my 75-year-old mother traveled from Ontario to help us out. Her initial goal was to stay only a couple of weeks, but it turned into five. When she left, I was using a walker but still hadn't left my house.  I was weak and sad and felt like I was full of electricity. It was as if the electrical equipment in my body had been sabotaged and all the messages were shorting out on the way to where they needed to go. 

After my mother went back to Ontario, I began the very long journey of healing myself. I went to physiotherapy, took many supplements, visited a therapist who does NMT, which is another energy therapy that really helped me to heal faster. I also had a Healing Touch therapist who is a registered nurse come to my house, I had massage therapy, followed my doctors' advice, switched my medication, and always tried to stay positive.  

Sometimes things are just easier said than done and, after 10 months of making what I considered to be a lot of progress, I fell after losing my balance. I suffered fractured ribs and tendonitis as a result of the fall and began physiotherapy for these injuries. Another nine months went by before I could get back to the MS recovery regimen and so I fell into a depression. I began Zoloft and immediately felt more positive, but as time went on many emotions began to creep up on me again. I was introduced to EFT by a friend who brings her daughter to me for art lessons, as I am also an artist.  

My friend (Doreen) showed me the EFT website and gave me a quick demo of the Basic Recipe out on the deck. I couldn't download the manual and so I had to wait for her to bring me a copy. In the meantime I worked "globally" on irritability. After a week something that had irritated me most of my life (my irritability) was pretty much gone. 

I received the manual but only the first half, and Doreen said that was probably all I needed. I read it and began applying it to "everything" and things began to melt away. My fatigue would lift after a round of tapping, which freed me up to get a few things done, but it would always return.  My motto was "I don't mind being disabled but I just want the fatigue to go away" so I thought that was my biggest challenge. 

I started reading the tutorial and when I got to the part "when physical ailments resist healing" I did some soul searching and decided I had nothing to lose by trying to get myself walking unaided (no walker, no cane, no help), as the other priority high on my list was being able to take my dogs for a walk. This was something I hadn't done in over two years. 

After several rounds of EFT and discovering the emotions behind not wanting to get better, I walked out of the house and down the driveway unaided. So emotional was I at that point that I began to cry. It took about an hour. Upon reflection, I then discovered that I had done this during my nap time. The positive side effect that I gained was that the fatigue lifted. Now, two weeks later, I no longer have to rest in the day, I'm up early, and stay up until 11 pm most nights. I have never had so much time to live in my entire life!

Since that day (July 4th) I have been studying EFT and applying it constantly to myself. At this point I have weeded out so many of my trees that I feel almost complete emotional freedom. I am no longer afraid to drive, I see the world through different glasses, I've tapped away almost all of the zzzzt's in my life, and I am excited about my future, which, by the way is going to be great—I can just feel it. 

I have helped so many people so far and because I have a large pool of friends I find my days and nights to be busy busy busy. I have helped with grief, bad memories, back pain, MS symptoms (me and one other), hay fever, heart arrhythmia, brain injury (he had no short-term memory and after about half an hour and the realization that he was PR, he was nonchalantly telling me what he had for supper the night before: organically grown mashed potatoes and the most wonderful sauce!), situational depression (that was today—my friend arrived in tears and ended up in tears from laughing), and I could go on. 

On Friday I am flying to Toronto to treat my parents who are, of course, very skeptical (but I'm okay with that). Three weeks ago, I would never have gone on a plane by myself, without my husband to help me! I am still booking a wheelchair at the airport because I am not walking perfectly "yet" and sometimes I forget I'm still a little disabled and fall off steps, etc. (but I'm okay with that).

Cheers, Linda Thompson


+1 #2 Maire 2015-10-15 05:52
Just discovered doing the tapping that I have been so lonely since a baby, that liked when people noticed me. Even imagined something awful happening so people regret being nasty to me. Whoops, lots of tapping to do to begin to apologise to my wonderful body. Time it let go. Fed up with symptoms of M.S. Wish to walk unaided
0 #1 Prathibha 2015-01-30 18:21
Dear Linda,
Its really inspiring to know u! I'm also a Patient of MS suffering with inability to walk. After trying allopathy in futile, I'm funder ayurvedic treatments which is giving progressive results. I also want to try learning EFT on the advice of my best friend and will surely do it. And hopefully come up with a positive story to share with EFT community.. Thank you

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