EFT for Parkinson's: Normal Gait in One Session

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This detailed submission from EFT practitioner Diana Sturm, PhD, includes many wonderful insights and appropriately applied techniques. Dr. Sturm is a scientist and energy healer with a private practice in Mobile, Alabama. 

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By Diana Sturm, PhD, Certified EFT Practitioner

For all my workshops, I give a medical explanation of how emotions can cause physical changes in the body, some mild and some severe. At one weight loss workshop, I mentioned that I would like to work with someone who was challenged by Parkinson’s or MS to see how effective EFT could be in such cases. One lady present said that her stepfather had Parkinson’s and she would speak to him about coming to see me for an EFT session.

A few days later, the lady called and said her stepfather was agreeable to try EFT. She warned that although he was a very warm and sociable person, her mother was extremely negative and constantly putting her stepfather down. Every day her mother would tell him, “You are sick. You can’t do that.” She wasn’t sure if that would have any effect on the treatment. She brought in her stepfather, Joe. Joe was 82, had a very distinctive shuffling gait and used a cane to walk. Each step was less than the length of one of his feet, about 6 inches. He also reported having a heaviness in his legs, but he did not exhibit the tremors many Parkinson’s sufferers experience.

I asked Joe why he walked the way he did and his quick response was “I have Parkinson’s.” I didn’t accept this answer and asked again, “Why do you walk in tiny steps?” When Joe realized I would not accept his answer of “I have Parkinson’s” he finally said he had a fear of falling. Those were key words – Joe had developed a phobia of falling.

When I tap with clients I use Dr. Carrington’s Choices method for the Setup phrase along with the later development in EFT of using more than one word to describe the condition. Because some clients hold back on their descriptions of their emotions, by adding a few more words to describe the same emotions, a wider net is cast. The subconscious is very literal so if the right word is not used, release often will not occur.

Setup phrases for Joe’s fear of falling:

Even though I have this fear of falling every time I walk, I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though I am afraid I will hurt myself if I fall, I choose to know that right now in this moment I am o.k.

Even though I am terrified of falling and getting hurt, I choose to accept myself unconditionally.

For the reminder phrases, I can be long winded. I often use multiple phrases for each point. I use my intuition and my ability to observe the client sitting in front of me. I closely watch his or her face for emotions and if the emotions are clear, I bring those into the reminder phrases. Clients have often asked just how I knew what to say because it was spot on. The result is that the issue frequently collapses in one round to zero.

Reminder phrases:

I’m afraid of falling whenever I walk.

I just know I’m going to hurt myself.

I use tiny steps so I won’t fall.

I am terrified of falling.

I don’t want to get hurt, so I take tiny steps.

I have a fear of falling.

I repeated these phrases for all of the points through the fingers.  I had Joe take a deep breath and asked him to relax for a few seconds. I then asked him to stretch his legs and get up out of the chair to try walking.  Joe slowly got up out of the chair and immediately was able to take larger steps. I asked if he still felt a fear of falling and he said the fear was gone.

He immediately wanted to work on other physical aspects of his Parkinson’s. Joe would pause at doorways and small openings before walking through. He also wanted to work on the heaviness in his lower legs.  We continued the session by working on these two aspects.

Set up phrases:


Even though I cannot walk easily through doorways or small spaces, I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though I have to pause in doorways, I choose to know that I am ok right now.

Even though I must pause in doorways and small spaces, I choose to accept myself unconditionally.

Heaviness in legs:

Even though my legs feel like they have cement boots, I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though my legs feel too heavy to lift, I choose to know that I am ok right now.

Even though it is difficult to lift my legs, I choose to accept myself unconditionally.

The need to pause in doorways was eliminated. The heaviness in Joe’s legs lessoned, but would not entirely subside during the session.

Joe was sitting in a chair when his stepdaughter came to pick him up. She asked if Joe was ready to go. Joe bounded up out of the chair and began walking with a normal gait without using his cane.  The mouth of his stepdaughter dropped open and she exclaimed, “Oh my God!” Joe easily went through the doorway and down the hallway. His stepdaughter was ecstatic.

For each of my clients, I provide a tapping chart and encourage them to continue tapping at home between our sessions. Joe wanted to come back for another appointment and promised his would continue tapping. Joe did not come back in for additional sessions and I later learned that his wife continued to tell him how sick he was. I saw Joe 2 months later and his gait was still significantly larger than before our session, but it had gotten smaller than it was immediately after our session. He said he had only tapped a few times because he kept forgetting to do it.

The support a client receives can be vitally important to the continued improvement of his or her health. In the case of Joe and his very critical wife constantly feeding him the negative information that he was sick; ideas of poor health were planted into his subconscious, effectively lowering the ability of his body to repair itself.  In a loving supportive environment where health was encouraged, Joe might have continued to make improvements to his health.


0 #2 Doug Winston 2017-01-28 13:39
Very encouraging! Any experience or thoughts on using EFT on Parkinson's trimmers and/or intense reaction to perceived stressful situations? Very glad to see your reference on "the support a client receives can be vitally important to the continued improvement of his or her health." How knowledgeable do you suggest the support person be on EFT? Thank you for sharing, again so encouraging,
0 #1 Hemant 2014-09-20 12:23
Good article. very informative. Thanks.

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