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Dear EFT Community,

Here's a story from Kathy Von Duyke on how she stopped the flu at the first sign of symptoms. Many people have reported that tapping at this crucial stage can keep full-blown flu from arriving.

-Stephanie M

By Kathy Von Duyke

I attended a concert recently after tending to my children for several days as a result of the flu. As I settled in my seat, my abdomen bloated rapidly and painfully and I began to burp acid and sweat—sure signs to me that I was coming down with the flu.

I didn't know if I would have to run out of the concert and I didn't know if I could. I especially didn't know which part of me was going to get me in trouble!

I quickly scanned myself for my options, which would normally be homeopathy, and realized that, with no remedies on hand, I only had EFT Tapping.

All summer I'd been practicing EFT Tapping or I probably wouldn't have thought of it. Since I was at a concert, I couldn't talk out loud or tap obviously.

I simply thought or centered in on each aspect as I rubbed lightly tapped each EFT pressure point. Every symptom that came up gave me my next clue.

I tapped on:

Even though my stomach is bloated, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This acid burping.

This panic that I will have to run out and will collapse.

This sinking sensation. This sudden sweat breakout.

This gurgling in my stomach.This sharp pain in my side.

Even though it feels like I am getting the flue, I deeply and completely accept myself as I quckly heal right now.

Whatever came up, I tapped. By the end of the concert, not only was I feeling better, but I was smiling, eating and walking around.

The next day my energy was low and I might have had a slight fever, but unlike my children, I had no other symptoms.

I couldn't believe how successful EFT tapping could be on a flu virus. How powerful I felt to be able to heal myself without anything, but my own mind. What economic medicine!

I now start each morning or end each day by EFT tapping down my body.

I tap on any health issue, plus whatever emotions that come up.

After EFT tapping on my health, I then work on relationships, projects, and goals, and in much the same fashion. It only takes about 15 minutes to do this self-scan, but I think it lets me move forward with what is important to me, and at the same time heal past emotional blocks that underline my thoughts around achieving my goals.

I've noticed that I now have a different orientation towards my life and I think more objectively about how I handle it.


0 #2 Ruth Ruddock 2013-08-10 04:55
I enjoyed reading these stories of using EFT to recover and prevent flu and colds. I use EFT to relieve myself of occular migraines. Yesterday while out shopping I got the visual cues of an approaching occular migraine, and soon I had to leave the store to sit in my car for an EFT session. It has helped me 9 times out of 10 with the headache and visual disturbances that I get. Thankfully I don't have this come up often, but when I do, I know that EFT will be my point of rescue!
0 #1 Dina 2013-06-06 01:14
Hi Stephanie,
I have been using EFT for many years now and I am a qualified & registered practitioner ( though I still just do it for family & friends. but I have used EFT at the first signs of a cold and found the cold never develops to a full blown cold and complications like chest & sinus infections do not develop. the only time a cold gets through is when I have neglected other aspects of my life like overworking or not being mindful of my own emotional health. I love EFT too and your article. kindest regards Dina.

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