How to Apply EFT for Chemotherapy Side EffectsRemembering Wholeness

By Baerbel Froehlin

My client "Ann" has a very aggressive, fast-growing type of breast cancer. Ann is in her 30s and the mother of two young children. She did not want to go with conventional cancer treatment and tried natural cures, which did not show any positive results.

As her cancer grew, she reluctantly "surrendered" and finally agreed to do chemotherapy. After her first chemo session, she had to stay in bed for days. Her side effects were severe: strong headaches, motion sickness, and extreme body ache. She pointed out, "I didn't even know that bones could hurt so much. Overall, it felt like the worst hangover I've ever had in my life!"

In about 30 minutes, we first addressed her symptoms:

Even though I felt awful after chemo...

Even though my body hurt like hell...

Even though I'm so afraid of doing chemo...

I knew that Ann had lots of resistance to chemo; she couldn't stand the idea of letting those chemical toxins into her system.

Here are some of the things we tapped on:

Even though I'm afraid I'm going to feel so awful again each time I have to have chemo...

Even though I have to have chemo, I want my life back...

Even though I want to be with my family and not in bed all the time...

Even though no matter what the doctors told me, that I would feel wiped out all the time, I choose to trust that I may not have to!

...I choose to trust that my body can make peace with chemo.

...I choose to trust that my body can live in peace with chemo from now on.

Even though I believe that chemo is appropriate for my body right now ... it's MY decision to do it.

Even though I have an aggressive cancer that needs to be stopped ... and chemo is going to do that!

Even though I'm all the way behind my decision for this limited time...

Even though I've decided to do chemo ... and that's why my system will follow through with it and back me up all the way! I deeply and completely trust that I can do chemo... I already feel much more prepared right now!

Ann had started to yawn a lot. I encouraged her to breathe deeply along with the constant yawning.

Even though I'm so afraid to get all these chemical toxins into my system, I now choose to give up my resistance and be all the way behind my decision.

Even though these cancer cells have to be taken out ... and chemo is going to do that ... That's why I'm all the way behind my decision... I'm not dreading to get chemo any longer ... I will make it easy for me now. I now ask my body to make the most of the toxins I have to take in ... to kill the cancer cells as fast as possible.

What if I could sail though chemo easily and comfortably from now on?

I choose to rely on my strong body ... that it lets me sail through chemo with as little discomfort as possible.

I feel so much more prepared for it now.

I feel much more in control now ... and I love that feeling!

Ann told me: "I can do it! I can allow it to do its purpose!"

I gave Ann a hypnosis tape to listen to daily, which would help support her immune system. On the tape is a guided imagery process for her to "see" the cancer cells being escorted out by her strong T cells. It was especially important for Ann to have a nonviolent picture of how to get rid of the cancer cells that she could do often on her own.

Ann had her next chemo session the day after our short EFT session and she wrote this to me: "Overall, I'm pretty tired and just the slightest bit off but nothing to complain about!"

Ann and I are going to work regularly on this cancer project. 


Because I had so many people emailing me, asking for further info and update, I'd like to give you this follow-up.

Ann has just received very good news from her doctor. She had several big painful lumps and several smaller ones. The big ones have shrunk to less than half the size, the smaller ones are either gone completely or are not detectable by touch anymore. The oncologist, of course, gives credit to her chemotherapy treatment.

Our work together goes on with one weekly session by phone, in which we now focus on turning this frightening experience around into a beneficial lesson.

Ann has already had happy and joyful days now, compared to her anxiety-filled life before. She now gets up and is motivated to do things that she likes, that she looks forward to, and that make her life rich and full. She feels pretty good physically and is optimistic.

After the last part of her treatment, however, she is going to have a double mastectomy. Both of her breasts will be removed and rebuilt, which will be another time of intense focus on feeling as well as possible while going through several surgeries and times of (predicted) severe pain.


0 #4 Vinod Merchant 2014-11-16 06:21
My sister had an ovarian cancer operation in June 2014. Later on she is on Chemo therapy sessions. In between she has to go for ascites taping. will EFT help her?
0 #3 Pargash Giorgi 2013-05-29 01:16
I was wondring if I could have a 1:1 session withyou and how much you charge

Love Pargash
0 #2 Pargash Giorgi 2013-05-29 01:14
Dear Baerbel,

Thank you for sharing this info with us - much appreciated

I was wondering if I could have a 1:1 session with you on skype for a benign tumor ( dead cells necrosis...)

I would apprecaite it if you could also let me know how much your charge per session

BTW I used your song I am healed whole and healthy inmy recently published book -Cancer's Greatest Gift. Thank you!

I look forward to your response

Much love Pargash
0 #1 Sharon Burt 2013-05-28 21:10
:sad: I facilitate a matastisized cancer group at Marin General Hospital in Marin CA. I tried to copy out this article on tapping on Chemotherapy to use with our participants. Unfortunately I could not get the second page to copy. It is very upsetting when this information could be very useful in helping these women through their challenges.

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