EFT Helps Release Abuse-Caused Physical InhibitionsEFT for Love Relationships book

By Maiyah Olivas

Here is a fascinating case involving proxy (aka surrogate) tapping which deals with another intense issue: the freedom to enjoy sexual pleasure without guilt.

Roxy was sexually and emotionally traumatized on many levels due to childhood molestation issues, and was uninterested in sexual relations before our two-hour marathon energy session.

After this intensive work, she stated "Ethan and I had more sex in nine days than we did in our previous six-year relationship, and I felt emotionally, spiritually, and energetically fulfilled and connected in ways I'd never dreamed possible."

In her boyfriend's words: "I have died and gone to heaven. Your passion and enthusiasm and orgasmic response are incredible! I am going to light candles to St. Maiyah of sexual fulfillment."

During this session I proxy tapped for numerous people at different time periods, both past and future, including the client, her parents, boyfriend, ex-husband, and children.

All names except mine have been changed for reasons of privacy.

Roxy had reconciled with her former boyfriend Ethan. She planned to see him for nine days over Christmas break and was tremendously worried about:

  • Her fear of having “bad” or “mediocre” sex with Ethan.
  • Her fear of “being a bad mother,” a “bad woman,” and a “bad person.”
  • Her feeling that she deserved to be punished for her choices because she was “selfish” and “sinful.”
  • Her anxiety that even energy therapy, which had helped her with other issues, might not be able to help with this, because of her background of being sexually molested by her father after her own mother gave him sole custody after their divorce.

First I proxy-tapped for Roxy, to calm her down somewhat. Then we set some goals for the session:

  • I am free of all obstacles to a fulfilling sexual relationship with Ethan.
  • I am allowing my nine-day trip to be enjoyable, productive, intimacy-enhancing, and fulfilling for me and Ethan in every way.
  • We extend all benefits of this work to all others who desire it (I always add in a line like that, to help the general positive vibration of the world).

Not surprisingly, Roxy scored over 10 on a scale of 0 to 10 on anxiety and doubt for all the issues. Then I had Roxy lie on her back on a massage table to trigger her feelings around being in bed (body positioning can trigger people, especially if they are kinesthetic learners).

Then we did tapping rounds on several phrases to address her willingness to change the energy around the situation. Roxy tapped her collarbone point and I tapped her other EFT points for her. (For other clients, self-tapping of the side of the hand point while I do the other EFT points works well. I am intuitively guided about which points are most effective for each client.) I also did some other energy work to “soften up” the morphic resonance fields around her beliefs.

Even though part of me is afraid EFT won’t work in this situation…

Even though I’m anxious about whether or not Ethan and I will be sexually compatible…

At this point, we shifted Roxy to her childhood time frame to deal with her molestation issues, working with her parents’ energy at that time. This process was tiring and emotional. Roxy had a lot of body twitching, crying, yawning, and other releases during the process, and so did I. Then we did positive rounds, tapping in the results she desired to create:

I’m willing for the energy to shift for all these issues.

I’m willing for everything to work out wonderfully beyond my imaginings.

Third, I “added in” the energy of her children while Roxy tapped her Gamut point (to help release stuck-ness of habits, patterns, and emotions in the dysfunctional connections between herself, her ex-husband, and her children, so that her children would not be unconscious recipients of the power struggle between their parents or take on their parents’ emotions around any person or issues):

Even though parts of me can’t believe it’s possible for me to have a healthy sex life with ANYONE…

Even though parts of me feel like a selfish whore for going to see Ethan and leaving my kids with my friends...

Even though parts of me feel like sex is always twisted and unhealthy...

Even though parts of me are so used to predatory energy in sexuality and I feel tainted...

Even though parts of me feel trapped in negative patterns with men and relationships...

Even though I’m terrified that I’ll never be happy because I don’t deserve it...

Even though I can’t reconcile being sexually fulfilled with being a good mother...

I’m willing to love and accept myself.

I’m willing to allow myself to receive healthy love and cherishing from Ethan in mature, appropriate ways, including sexual fulfillment.

I’m willing to know that I deserve to have a great life.

I’m willing to know that true love, sexual pleasure and spiritual bliss are compatible and enhance each other.

I’m willing to know that I deserve true love, sexual pleasure and spiritual bliss with Ethan.

I’m willing to have a wonderful nine days with Ethan.

At this point, Roxy’s body was twitching on the table and she reported feeling “unclenching’ and “releasing” sensations in her abdomen. Finally, I did the 9 Gamut Procedure with Roxy on:

I gratefully accept all the benefits of this session.

I gratefully accept my happiness and personal fulfillment

I give thanks that our energies have shifted in divinely guided ways for highest good for all concerned and that this lasts for the rest of our lives and even better.

During a follow-up discussion Roxy, beaming with happiness and satisfaction, told me that:

  • She had a great nine days with Ethan and he felt that I was a miracle worker. She was so uplifted and free in her own sexuality that SHE initiated lovemaking three times every day. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven.
  • She felt spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically connected to her own physical being in a way she’d never imagined before—food tasted better, movement was easier, her energy levels were great, all through the trip.
  • She felt spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically connected with Ethan beyond her previous imaginings—she was multi-orgasmic for the first time in her life simply from the positive loving intensity of their energetic connection.

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