Improving Intimate Moments with EFTtapping deep intimacy 193x121

By  Dr. Fred Feldstein

This is a nice story that shows how EFT can help with intimacy issues, if open to it. My client, Anna Maria, who I have been working with for over a year with EFT, has had incredible results with a host of challenges including: fibromyalgia, mitral valve arrhythmias, severe menstrual pain relating to severe uterine fibroids, irritable bowel syndrome, general malaise, decreased energy, and tooth pain.

She came into my office on her last visit to show me her cuticles, which she had picked constantly over her life, and had tried to stop many times, but couldn’t ... that is, until EFT was applied. Now her nails were polished, her cuticles were beautiful, and have remained this way for the last 2 months since we worked on this issue.

She was so happy, and even her skeptical husband was impressed. He thought this tapping thing was crazy, as she would tap on herself like a madwoman in the middle of the night to successfully relieve her pain relating to menstruation or digestion.

Well, this time she came in with a request from her husband who was starting to become a believer. He wanted us to work on her extreme sensitivity on her neck and upper shoulder area, which had prevented him from sneaking up on his wife and kissing her on the neck, or going near that area in an intimate moment.

Now as many of you might concur, this area is a very sensitive and enjoyable area to give and receive pleasure during intimate moments. Unfortunately, Anna Maria was just too sensitive to have her husband or anyone else over the course of her life go near that area without her completely getting hysterical. So we applied EFT.

Even though I have extreme sensitivity on my neck, and can't bear to have anyone come near this area in any situation…

Even though I get hysterical when someone touches, kisses, blows, licks, or stimulates my neck…

Even though this severe sensitivity limits my husband’s enjoyment of our intimate time together…

Then we switched to some Choices statements:

Even though I get hysterical when someone comes near my neck, I choose to remain calm and relaxed when someone does.

Even though I get hysterical when my husband comes near my neck when we are intimate, I choose to remain calm and relaxed and enjoy the experience.

So now it was time to test it. I always like to test real situations over imagined if possible, so I decided to test. As it was inappropriate for me to do the testing, I called Anna Maria's 5-year-old daughter in from the waiting area to test it out.

I had her try to give motorboat kisses to her mom’s neck and see what happened. She did, and her mom was perfectly okay with it. She couldn't believe it. Well, time to go home and have her husband test it.

I got feedback 2 days later that Anna Maria was perfectly fine and enjoyed it when her husband interacted with her neck. He was extremely happy and impressed, so much so that he referred a friend for EFT work.

EFT never ceases to amaze me—how simple it is to apply and make such positive changes in people's lives.

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