EFT Tapping for Post-Menopausal Libido and ChoiceWake up Live the Life You Love book

Dear EFT Community,

This story from experienced EFT practitioner Nancy Morris shows how you can regain your libido even after it seems to have vanished.

- Dawson Church

By Nancy A. Morris, Certified EFT Practitioner

Joan’s main complaint was “my libido has disappeared with post menopause.” She said her intensity level on this was a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10. She said that sometimes she felt upset about it, other times she felt relieved that it was a non-issue.

As we explored further what was going on. she said that once she got started, she got turned on, but it was hard to get herself interested. Joan explained that before post-menopause she had a very healthy appetite for sex and was extremely surprised and disappointed when her libido disappeared.

As we were working over the phone, I set Joan up with a very basic phrase of "Even though I have a low libido…"  In addition, there was a choice phrase similar to "I choose to feel turned on easilyI ask my body to get turned on easily." Joan was to tap on these three times a day and let me know what was happening. I told her that, as she tapped on the choice statement, negative thoughts might come up and that we would deal with those as they arose.

This is the message I received from Joan about a week later: “I want to share with you that Sanchez and I had sex for the second time in five days. Before that, it was more like once every month or two. I had the realization that I have been feeling resentment towards Sanchez because I felt that I was the initiator of sex. And there has been a stubborn part of me that has been standing back and not initiating, because part of me was tired of it, and I have had a good reason—no libido. Sanchez reminded me that I really didn’t initiate 100% of the time, but there has been a part of me that felt that he should be the one to do that and a part of me in deep resistance, especially since my body didn’t seem to be interested. This morning, I gently initiated. When Sanchez joined in, I slowed him down, and then we had great sex. Juicy, hot, sexy, yummy, heart and yoni joined.”

This was great news, and Joan had been smart about discovering her resentment and tapping on it. When I next talked to Joan on the phone, she and Sanchez had had sex three times in one week (before it was less than once a month) and she was still tapping on her libido. In addition, she revealed that she used to feel “run by her sex drive … her hormones” and noticed she was afraid of feeling that way again.

The choice statement was now “I choose to have a healthy libido and be at choice also.” I suggested that she tap on Even though I’m afraid of being run by my libido…  Joan liked this revision and was looking forward to relaxing into her improved libido rather than being concerned it would run her again.

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