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ere Warts Resolved after Clearing Core Issue with EFT

ere Warts Resolved after Clearing Core Issue with EFT

By Eileen Kleinman

My 10-year-old girl, Camille, has been suffering for the past five years with terrible wart attacks on her hands, feet, and face. We had tried so many various things, including oils and garlic wraps that killed some but were too painful to Camille, causing her skin to look burnt on her face or fall away on her hands. Over the years I’ve rubbed potato peels, old blackened banana peels, tee tree oil and other stuff on the warts–to no avail.

When warts first appeared on her face (filiform warts look like tiny protruding skin-colored pinheads), I hastened to a surgeon who said we must cut them out at once or they would spread all over.

Poor Camille! Such pain. Some were on her lip. Scars were there for two months, but the warts had not vanished at all. New troops appeared and in greater numbers. A second surgery did not resolve the issue and cost much pain and money.

I knew this HPV virus lives forever inside and that her immune system needed strengthening. We eat quite a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies. We tried a horrid pee therapy for months, like the Chinese do. We did homeopathy for two years by two different specialists. Once, even a homeopathy professor got involved.

At some stage, it got rid of painful warts on her soles so she could walk again, but the warts now took up residence near the nails and on the leg and toes.

I thought I’d lose my mind with worry and anguish for her. She’s such a pretty, dainty little girl, and this was not only ruining her modeling jobs (a few here and there), but worst was what it was doing to her social life and self-esteem. Once I even got summoned to her school to discuss why I was neglecting taking care of this issue! Kids and parents were afraid she was contagious. No one, apart from me, wanted to hold her hand.

She developed a deep shame in her (once pretty) hands. It hurt her to play violin, to hold a pen for long, and she had to give up rock climbing. More and more warts kept coming, and the ones on her face changed into big bumpy witch warts on the chin and cheeks.

We tried EFT a year ago, but nothing seemed to help or change. We tapped on everything we could think of. We were both disheartened and didn’t really believe anything would work. I suspected she wanted to hold on to them subconsciously but couldn’t work out why. We did EFT on that, but nothing progressed, just made her feel guilty on top of her sufferings.

Some conventional family doctors told me some kids get rid of their warts by believing in a magic anti-wart chant. Camille, however, was never so gullible. I thought if it was possible to get rid of them by power of thought; it was possible to keep them by power of thought. I sometimes had outbursts of anger against her, feeling so helpless, worried, blaming her for wanting them and not doing EFT five hours a day until they left.

One day we were tapping on something to do with her fear of being alone at home. I’m doing a course this year and for first time she gets home before I do. She mentioned that she had a fear of me dying, and of what would become of her. We have no family and I’m still quite badly off financially, so I guess she has a good reason for worry.

I worry, too, inside me, but do my best to avoid thinking of it until I can resolve it. So I thought that she might be doing the same, but the worry for her is stronger and could be what is behind the warts. We tapped on her fears of me dying off and leaving her on her own in the big world. We hadn’t solved this problem, but voiced it.

Amazingly, the very next day some warts shrank into nothingness!

We added Dead Sea mud and kept tapping and applying mud for a month. She now has only a trace of scars where the huge ones had lived and three dots that still need to pass away to the end. Her nice hands are back and her body is well.

She no longer needs to show me that not all is pretty … that underneath, some horror lays in wait, ruining the surface beauty. Isn’t it just amazing how the mind works?  Pain gets hidden and all the trouble to suppress and self-deny fears brings on so much other pain!

Camille now knows that with EFT she can take the edge away and be able to face anything!