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Q: Can EFT be effective with just the basics?

A: Basic EFT produces great results quickly, but it is essential to learn the standardized form of EFT that’s been proven in more than 100 clinical trials: Clinical EFT. This will ensure that you are using the EFT that has been validated many times over by high-quality research and is taught systematically by experts in EFT workshops. The basic Clinical EFT tapping routine (the Basic Recipe) utilizes only six of Clinical EFT’s 48 methods. You will usually get good results from the simple form and phenomenal results from the full range of techniques. To make progress with difficult issues and difficult clients requires knowledge of the 48 methods. For superficial problems, superficial knowledge of EFT is usually effective. Once you go to deeper layers of the psyche and encounter intractable problems, however, you will likely need the more advanced tools.


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