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Q: Can I combine tapping with my regular psychotherapy?

A: Yes. If you’re currently seeing a psychotherapist and you’re also learning EFT, the two work well together. We often hear reports of people making much faster progress in therapy after adding EFT.

If you’ve just learned EFT and you’ve been seeing a therapist, you might feel so elated at the changes you notice in yourself that you’re tempted to abandon your course of therapy. The therapy has been part of your mental health support system, however, so rather than make an abrupt change, consider taking things slowly. Talk to your therapist about the improvements and get their perspective on your condition. Most courses of therapy have a natural end point at which the client feels they have made progress on the issue that brought them to the therapist’s office. Marking that end point with your therapist is a more graceful way to conclude the process than an abrupt end. As future challenges arise in your life, you may well need your therapist again, as well as EFT.

–from The EFT Manual, by Dawson Church


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