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Q: Can I “tap in” a positive statement with EFT?

A: Most people only tap when they discover a negative feeling they would like to reduce or change, but you can also use tapping for positive statements. It is highly recommended that you do this only after you have reduced any negative feelings associated with a memory, thought, or feeling. This is because the negative feelings can prevent the integration of the positive. After clearing the negative, you can then do rounds of positive tapping to introduce any new feeling or belief you would like to have.

For example, after you tap on feeling nervous about the speech you are giving next week, you could then do a round of tapping on “Even though I was really nervous about giving that talk next week, I now feel calm and confident” (you might use “calm and confident” as the Reminder Phrase.)

Dr. Patricia Carrington pioneered the “I choose” statements (the Choices Method) to help make the beneficial changes from EFT become permanent and positively generalize to many aspects of one’s life. In her method, you add “I choose” to the end of the Setup Statement. Here are examples of how this is included:

Even though I feel my mother never loved me, I choose to love myself anyway.

Even though I feel deprived when I don’t have chocolate, I choose to be fit and healthy.

Even though I’m nervous about giving that talk on Tuesday, I choose to be calm and confident.

–Peta Stapleton, PhD, Certified EFT Practitioner, Trainer, and Mentor


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