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Q: Should I tell my doctor I”™m doing EFT?

A: Yes. I have lectured to thousands of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists and I have generally found them to be interested, curious, and respectful when it comes to EFT. Your primary care physician needs to know about all the complementary and alternative medicine approaches you are using, including EFT. It’s important to tell your doctor about a Chinese herb you’re taking or a dietary supplement you’re experimenting with, because some of these can interact unfavorably with drugs your doctor might prescribe. It’s also important to tell your doctor about EFT and other approaches you might be using for stress management, weight loss, or psychological health.

If your doctor wants to know more about EFT, it’s useful to reference the EFT Universe research pages. This will give your doctor a sense of the strong research base that underlies Clinical EFT.

–from The EFT Manual, by Dawson Church


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