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Q: What are the benefits to attending an EFT workshop?

A: EFT tapping is simple, but choosing tapping language or the most effective EFT technique for a particular problem can be complex. The best way to learn what to do, when to do it, and how to do it is to learn from professionals who have achieved certification in evidence-based Clinical EFT.

Trying to learn a new skill on your own can be challenging and may produce less than optimal results. If you’re a professional who wants to use EFT tapping to help others heal, achieving mastery as quickly as possible is vital for effective work with your clients. If you’re a coach, teacher, or parent, or looking to use EFT on yourself, expert instruction ensures you get the maximum benefit from this powerful healing method.

7 Reasons to Learn Tapping at an EFT Universe Workshop

1. Build your skills systematically.
2. Be guaranteed a standardized experience.
3. Accelerate your learning.
4. Ensure that you understand the principles.
5. Get hands-on practice under careful supervision.
6. Earn continuing education (CE) credit.
7. Learn from certified leaders in the field.


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