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Q: What can be done to speed up the process when SUD ratings are low or are changing slowly?

A: When SUD levels are low, you can ask yourself (or your client), “How do I (you) know that it’s not a 0?” Very often you (or your client) will realize that it really is a 0 after all. In this way, you don’t continue to work on an issue that isn’t there.

If you still identify a feeling in your body, it can often be quickly resolved by tapping on the physical symptoms of the feeling, such as “this anxious, butterflies feeling in my stomach.”

Adding the word “remaining” to your Reminder Phrase, as in “remaining anger,” “remaining sadness,” “remaining hurt,” can also help speed up the process.

The floor to ceiling eye roll is another excellent technique when the SUD level is low. Sneaking Away from the Problem and the 9 Gamut Procedure can also be used.

Valerie Lis, Expert EFT Practitioner


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