EFT for Christians: The Great EqualizerEFT for Christians book by Sherrie Rice Smtih

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN, EFT TRN-1-2

Why should Christians tap? Because EFT is the great equalizer.

This personal tool, which can so simply be practiced in private, has the power to level out all our emotions, leaving us on a smoother path, with fewer ups and downs when confronting life's challenges.  Plus EFT releases us from old emotional hurts and enduring painful memories and their ongoing taint on our lives.

As you continue EFT tapping, you will find God clearing your mind of those things that make you fearful, distressed, and anxious--including feelings of unworthiness or being unloved.  We all have these, each of us with our own version.

As a result of this emotional clearing, you will find yourself in a more powerful, grateful mode.

It's like being more in the presence of Jesus all the time.  You will actually feel God! God hasn't changed, but you have.  He has always been right beside you, but you and I have been so weighed down by a toxic emotional cloud pressing on our old wounds. We've been burdened and buried in our own distress.

I want to know God, but I also want to feel Him all around me, in everything I do.  I can't feel God when my life is full of emotional hang-ups.  My anger, fear, disappointment, and disgust get in my way spiritually, just as feeling physically unwell does.  During those times, I can't think, my emotions overwhelm and preoccupy me.

EFT is a fantastic and gentle way to move these feelings and events aside and out of the way in your walk with your Savior. EFT resensitizes you to hear the Holy Spirit's voice clearly.  All the numbness and busyness we've adopted in life makes it extremely difficult to listen to him. As we tap and pray, our brain waves drop down into the alpha and theta ranges and out of that overactive, rattling and noisy beta state.

The great Christian meditators are operating in these lowered brain waves when they commune deeply with God.  Jesus' own brain likely dropped into those lowered wave states when He privately communed with His Father.

EFT also quiets the chatter and negative self-talk in which we unconsciously engage.

I had a ton of that going n nearly constantly before discovering EFT.  This "inner noise" is particularly prevalent in those who come from abusive backgrounds.  A smart woman once told me that when abusers stop abusing us, or we are out of their reach, we continue to abuse ourselves in the exact same way they did, as we learned the pattern from them.

We tell ourselves we are no good, or stupid, or ugly, or worthless,  Whatever your poison, you just keep drinking it from the well of your own subconscious. By using EFT, however, you can reprogram and neutralize these patterns and stop the negative self-talk once and for all.

Someone once said, "To the conscious mind, a memory is only a memory, but to the subconscious mind it is a current event." Until that event is unplugged and dismissed via tapping, it will just keep playing in an endless loop.  And it will also continue to cause you emotional and possibly physical grief as a result.

Now you can apply EFT to old memories and undo them , eliminating the self-deprecating chatter that is upsetting everything in your life.  Take that step of faith and follow God to heal you.

"Be still and know that I am God," and "All the lands are at rest and at peace; they break into singing." (Isaiah 14:7).


Excerpt from the book: EFT for Christians
Pages 199-202
By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN

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