New EFT for Christians Book Just in Time for the Holidays!Emotional freedom techniques for christians 2nd sherrie rice smith

By Sherrie Rice Smith, EFT TRN-1-2

My second EFT for Christians book entitled, "EFT for Christians, Tapping in God’s Peace and Joy" was released mid-September on Amazon in both print and kindle formats.

The original EFT for Christians was graciously published by Dawson Church through Energy Psychology Press.

Both books have a wee bit different theme.

The first EFT for Christians was written as an introduction to Christians to explain that EFT is acceptable to use, giving them suggestions as to the various uses of EFT in their lives.

EFT for Christians, Tapping in God’s Peace and Joy was written to make the case that every Christian should be using EFT in their daily lives, as a worship tool, but also to integrate and neutralize all the negative memories/events they have experienced in their lives in order to find the peace and joy we all so crave. EFT is a God-given tool that works through our physiology to heal us.

To purchase an autographed copy of EFT for Christians, Tapping in God’s Peace and Joy, please visit For a kindle copy of the book, please visit You may also order the print copy directly from Amazon, too.

Pick up copies of both books to give to those Christian friends who won’t consider using EFT!

I now offer CEUs for massage therapists and acupuncturists at my Milwaukee classes.

Please join me in at my next EFT Level 1 & 2 workshops. I look forward to hearing & meeting you!

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