EFT Creates 40% improvement in Golf ScoreEFT tapping for sports performance book

By Stefaunia Dhillon

My second attempt using emotional freedom techniques was at a golf course in Newbury, England. I met with a man who wanted to shoot in the low 30's.  He had been shooting in the mid 40's on a nine hole course.

The first time out with him we tapped for anxiety the first few rounds but it seemed he then felt that if he could keep his held still he would make better shots.

So we tapped for "Head still focus" Sure enough, by the end of the ninth hole he had scored "34".

We dramatically improved his game.

He approached me several days later saying he wanted to improve that "34" by several more strokes. So we went out together again and I walked the course with him and by the ninth hole he had scored "27".

He than told me that he would be playing in three tournaments that weekend. He had never won before and was hoping he would do well.

That following Monday I received a phone call from him, he was on "cloud nine" he broke the [18 hole] golf course record of "60" and won all three tournaments. He was very, very happy.


0 #1 Kevin Hunneybell 2014-06-29 04:06
Thank you.

This is a great story. There just ain't no stopping EFT.

Of course EFT can be used for all Sports Performance not just Golf.


Kevin Hunneybell

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