EFT Brings Athlete out of a Slump

Dear EFT Community,

In this EFT success story, EFT practitioner Peter Guare shares how he helped a student athlete overcome her slump with the help of EFT.

-WIll M

By Peter Guare

I'm an EFT practitioner who also works at a high school. One day one of the school's best athletes came to me and told me that she had been chosen as a local television station's Athlete of the Week and they were going to film her at her next basketball game.

She, however, was in a terrible slump and was afraid she wouldn't even score.

We did some tapping on the setup phrase, "Even if I can't score, I know I'm still a good person."

Then, as we went through the points, I used phrases like, "My friends will still talk to me" and, "I'll get to ride the bus home" and, "My parents will still love me."

Next, we moved on to, "Even though my shot isn't falling now, I know I can still shoot."

As we tapped through the points this time, I added phrases like, "But I've shot well in the past" , "I know I could get hot at any time", "everybody has slumps".

After doing variations on this and getting the anxiety down to a 2 or 3, we did some mental imaging of her shooting the ball, how it felt good in her hands and coming off her fingers, how it had good rotation in the air, how it went through the basket, etc. while she was doing some relaxed deep breathing.

At the game that night, she broke out of her slump and led all scorers. Her team won, and the cameramen got some good footage.

Her father wrote me the following testimonial:

"My daughter is a senior in high school and is a three-sport athlete. At the beginning of her basketball season, she was having a lot of trouble not only shooting 3-point baskets but regular 2-point field goals as well. As the season progressed, she became progressively nervous and anxious before and during games. Eventually this eroded her confidence level, and it became apparent that her poise on the court was also diminishing.

After explaining her problem to Mr. Guare the day before an impending game, he led her through a tapping and mental imaging routine. He promised that if she followed this routine faithfully, she would see a sharp increase in her shooting percentage. He cautioned her that the results might not happen overnight, but gradually she would gain back confidence and her shots would begin to fall.

The routine consisted of him saying various sentences followed by her repeating them. In combination with this verbal part of the routine, she would simultaneously tap various pressure points. These points were located on her arm, body and face. She was able to relax and picture herself shooting the ball and making shots. In the first game following this procedure, she knocked down 14 points. This became a season high for her.

It became immediately apparent that the routine that he led her through had some dramatic effects. She seemed to be more relaxed as the season went on and true to form her shooting percentage increased. As a coach of almost 25 years and a teacher of 27, this is one of the most effective techniques I have ever observed. I have preached positive mental imaging to the athletes I have personally coached, and have seen some positive results. But never in my experience have I seen a system that combines mental imaging, positive talk and the physical pressure points to yield such dramatic results.

Joe C."

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